Joel Osteen 26th December 2021 Devotional | You Are Enough

Joel Osteen 26th December 2021 DevotionalJoel Osteen 26th December 2021 Devotional | Today’s Word for Sunday

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Topic: You Are Enough

Today’s Scripture
Psalm 23:1, TLB
Because the Lord is my Shepherd, I have everything I need!

Joel Osteen 26th December 2021 Devotional Message

It’s very powerful when you can say, “I have the talent I need. I have the looks I need. I have the personality I need. I have the strength I need.” David had plenty of opportunities to live with a deficit mentality. Before he became the greatest king who ever lived, it is well documented that he was discounted by his father and his brothers. They made him feel as though he was unqualified, not good enough, and inferior. If David had relied on other people to get his approval, he never would have stepped into his destiny.

Maybe someone has discounted you and made you feel that you’re not attractive enough, not talented enough, not up to par. Don’t believe those lies. They didn’t breathe life into you. They don’t determine your destiny. Do as David did and say, “Father, thank You that I have everything I need in You.” You don’t need other people’s approval or validation. The Most High God has approved you. He’s the only One who matters.

Prayer for Today
Father, thank You that You have given me everything I need to fulfill my purpose. Thank You that I am enough because You made me just as I am, and I have Your approval. I believe and declare that I am talented enough, I am attractive enough, and I am strong enough. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Joel Osteen Daily Devotional 26th December 2021 Message | Today’s Word with Joel & Victoria Osteen Message. Joel Scott Osteen is an American pastor, televangelist, and author, based in Houston, Texas. Osteen has been called the “most popular preacher on the planet” and is often listed as one of the most influential religious leaders in the world.