Scripture Union Daily Guide 2024 – S.U. Nigeria is an inter-denominational Christian organization committed to reaching children and young people, nurturing them through Bible engagement to become committed Christians.

Scripture Union (Nigeria) is part of Scripture Union Africa and the worldwide movement of Scripture Union International, working with the Church to make God’s Good News known to children, young people, and families; encouraging people of all ages to meet God daily through reading the Bible and prayer, so that they may have personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ, grow in Christian maturity, and become both committed church members and servant s of a world in need.

Scripture Union pursues these objectives through a variety of specialized ministries around the world in obedience to our Lord Jesus Christ and in reliance on the Holy Spirit. Scripture Union’s work has grown and is now operating in about 140 countries spread over all the continents. It is working in more than 44 countries in Africa, including Nigeria.

Scripture Union (Nigeria) was registered on 9th October 1967 as a voluntary and non-profit making Christian Organisation. The National Council was established in 1966 with full powers to run the affairs of the Union, drawing membership from all over the Federal Republic of Nigeria. At present, the Union has an operational structure of a National Headquarters that coordinates all the activities within the country through 10 Regions, 37 Areas and (as at May 2012) 226 Zones.

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