The Upper Room 26 May 2022 Daily Devotional – Focused


The Upper Room 26 May 2022 Daily Devotional
The Upper Room 26 May 2022 Daily Devotional for Thursday Message. Read The Upper Room 26 May 2022 Daily Devotional by Juan Carlos Gómez (Bogotá, Colombia)

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TOPIC: Focused

Psalm 37:1-6

KEY VERSE: Seek first [God’s] kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. – Matthew 6:33 (NIV)

The Upper Room 26 May 2022 Daily Devotional MESSAGE

Even though I live in a 16-story building in the middle of a big city, there are nearby areas with big trees where birds nest and sing, offering a lovely symphony every morning. As the day continues, however, the crescendo of the city noise makes it difficult to hear the birds singing.

One day, during my morning prayer time, I realized that listening to the birds singing was good practice for listening to God’s voice. I decided then to focus on the sweet singing and block out the routine morning noises of the city. This, I thought, is how we are invited to seek and focus on God in the midst of daily distractions. This focus — our full attention centered on God — is what allows us to draw closer to God, unimpeded by obstacles around us.

In an anxiety-filled world, intentional study of scripture strengthens our connection with God. Remaining focused on God’s voice and presence will prompt us to seek first God’s kingdom and righteousness and allow us to rest on God’s promises.

Creator God, help us to remain focused on your grace, goodness, and the sights and sounds of your presence around us as we seek to serve your kingdom on earth. Amen.

Amid the distractions, I will focus my attention on God.

Someone beginning a new prayer discipline

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