Omega Fire Ministries Devotional 12th February 2021 – God Perfects

Omega Fire Ministries Devotional 12th February 2021

Today’s Omega Fire Ministries Devotional 12th February 2021 OFM Rhema Daily Devotional Guide

God Perfects
by Rev (Dr) Lizzy Johnson Suleman

SCRIPTURE: Romans 1-3

TEXT: And the LORD will perfect that which concerneth me: thy mercy, O LORD, endureth forever: forsake not the works of thine own hands. Psalms 138 :8.

The God is committed to perfecting all that concerns His children. You are His divine project undergoing phases of His perfection. Because you are His, everything that concerns you – your body, spirit and soul, your family, business, career and all your life’s. Endeavors according to His will is included in God’s perfection programme.

If you look critically at where you began and where you are now, you would see God’s hand of perfection already at work in your life, transforming you from glory to glory into the person He ordained you to be which is as He is. He is a God of process, He is at work in you, you are a work in progress.

If there is any aspect of your life that you are yet to see the perfection you desire, remain hopeful because the transformation is still ongoing. See the perfection you expect, and let it be your confession.

To see contrary and speak the same is to defer the perfection. The Psalmist in our anchor text spoke confidently with full assurance of God’s ability to perfect that which concerns him.
That is the spirit of faith. And it is that same spirit that God expects you to operate in.

In Isaiah 54 :1; God’s counsel to those who expect His perfection in faithfulness is to sing. That seems absurd to the natural mind. How can you be barren and still sing?

But that is the spirit of faith, the means of operation in the kingdom of God.

My Father! My Father! As I begin to pray now, O Lord, perfect all that concerns me, in Jesus name.

Thanks and God bless for reading Today’s Omega Fire Ministries Devotional 12th February 2021 (Rhema for Living OFM Daily Devotional) from the Desk of Rev (Dr) Lizzy Johnson Suleman

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