Scripture Union Daily Guide 14 August 2022 – A Test of Character


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Scripture Union Daily Guide 14 August 2022 Devotional Message for Sunday– A Test of Character

Scripture Union Daily Guide 14 August 2022 Devotional for Sunday

TOPIC:A Test of Character

OPENING PRAYER:  Oh Lord, grant me divine guidance as I read and meditate on your word in Jesus name.

TODAY’S SCRIPTURE: Genesis 44:1–17

Scripture Union Daily Guide 14 August 2022 MESSAGE

Joseph, having entertained his brothers, dismissed them. They had been honoured guests at a wonderful feast, and the generous ruler had sent them on their way with their sacks full of grain. They were not accused of stealing the grain money. Simeon had been released.

Benjamin was freely travelling with them. They are going home at last. It was a cause for rejoicing, but it was only for a very brief moment. They were brought back in a greater fright than any they had been in yet.

Scripture Union Daily Guide 14 August 2022, SU DAILY GUIDE

Observe, the method Joseph used to humble his brothers (v.2). Why do you think Joseph placed the silver cup in the sack of Benjamin? Joseph supposed use of this cup for divination may be one of the pranks he played on his brothers. For us, God’s Word clearly forbids the practice of divination (see Deuteronomy 18:10‐12).

The thread of guilt continues to run through all Joseph’s brothers’ interactions with him (v.16). Only God knows how many times they had felt this pang of guilt in the past twenty years. Sin can really torment and keep bugging us. It keeps us in perpetual bondage until we confess and deal with it. What was Joseph’s response to Judah (v.17) and why?

• Any new insight or reinforcement of what you already know?

• What does the passage teach about God the Father, or God the Son or God the Holy Spirit?
• Is there any warning for me to heed?

• Thank you, Lord, for teaching me a lesson in integrity of heart. Grant me grace to always live an honest life.

Offer A Prayer of Faith in Line With Jeremiah 31:17

Jeremiah 13‐15.

Scripture Union Daily Guide 14 August 2022 NATIONAL PRAYER BULLETIN

Sun, 14-Aug-2022

Create in me a clean heart, O lord, and renew a new spirit within me
Psalm 51:10

☀ The blessings He has reserved for His children who live according to His word.
☀ Teaching us how to be exemplary in all we do and say.

☛ Grace to daily live according to God’ s will, which is a sanctified life and purity in all things.
☛ Determination to daily control our bodies in holiness and honor.
☛ Deliberate decision to daily put on the Lord Jesus, so we will not make provision for the flesh to gratify its desires.

⚠ Worldly passion of lust especially among our young boys and girls.
⚠ The increased rate of immorality, impurity and sensual lust in the churches, these days.

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