Prayer Points for Open Heaven 4 May 2022 (Wednesday)

Prayer Points for Open Heaven 4 May 2022

Prayer Points for Open Heaven 4 May 2022 (Wednesday) | Benefits of Fasting

Prayer Points for Open Heaven 4 May 2022 

These prayer points are not written by Pastor E. A. Adeboye, but by one his numerous disciples, for Christ, who was inspired and mandated by the Holy Spirit, about 5years ago, (effective January 1st, 2015), to start writing these prayer points, based on the Open Heavens Daily Devotional, authored by Pastor E. A. Adeboye.( Prayer Points for Open Heaven 4 May 2022)

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Prayer Points for Open Heaven 4 May 2022 (Wednesday)

(1) Dear Lord, I humbly come before You today with a heart of praise to thank you; for I know that every good and perfect gift comes from You. I see all that you’ve done, and all that you’re doing for me, and I am so grateful father.

(2) Lord, Forgive me all my trespasses and help me to learn to do better In Jesus name.

(3) Father, I thank you for the gift of the Holy Spirit. For his guidance every day. Oh, what a sweet teacher He is. Help me to grow and learn more in him and teach me to always be sensitive to His leading and instructions in Jesus’ name.

(4) My Father in heaven, please bestow your mercy upon me this morning. Let the enemies’ plans against me today prove futile in Jesus name.

(5) Father, From this day forward, just as the sun is rising, so will my glory continue to rise and shine in Jesus name.

(6) Lord, grant me the grace to see the light in Jesus name.

(7) Father, make me an instrument that you will use to spread the gospel in Jesus name.

(8) Lord, let me continue to bask under your love forever in Jesus name.

(9) Father, let this day be a day of unbelievable prosperity and achievement in Jesus name. From this morning forward, let me continue to grow from strength to strength in Jesus name.

(10) Oh Lord, teach me to fast the right way. May my prayer and fasting please you in the name of Jesus.

(11) Submit yourself and your personal petitions to God. Cast all your cares on Him, for He cares for you ( Philippians 4:6)

(12) In Jesus’ name I pray. (John 14:13-14; 15:16)

(13) Thank you Father for answered prayers.(1 Thessalonians 5:18).

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