Powerful Prayer And Declaration For Today – Command Your Day

Command Your Day With Powerful Prayer And Declarations

Powerful Prayer And Declaration For Today - Command Your Day
Powerful Prayer And Declaration For Today – Command Your Day

Powerful Prayer And Declaration For Today – Command Your Day

In the name of Jesus Christ and standing on the infallible word of God, by the authority vested upon me as a regenerated man in Christ Jesus, I take my place over all of the earth as assigned by God in Genesis 1:28. I occupy my position of dominion and rulership over the earth, therefore, I command and take charge of affairs of this day, the…. day of …. 2024.

I decree and declare that
● Today is blessed
● Today, I am blessed and I am a blessing to my world and my generation, beginning from those in my own family, my neighbourhood, my sphere of contact, my community and my nation.

● Today, I enjoy favour on every side, I find favour before man and before God.
● Today, my going out and coming in is protected, no harm comes near me, my home and my territory. We are
preserved and covered by the blood of lamb, our Lord Jesus Christ.

● Today, I am led by the spirit of God in all my ways, and I manifest the fruits of the Holy Spirit in all circumstances and situations. I manifest love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.
● Today, we rise above all spiritual manipulation, oppression and attacks, because the name of the Lord is our refuge, we are safe in it.

● Today, I lack nothing. All my needs are met and supplied according to God’s riches in His glory by Christ Jesus.
● My food and water is blessed, poisons do not work in my body, because my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

● Today, no sickness comes near me, my family and my territory, everything we consume, breathe in or come in
contact with that has the potential of causing harm to our systems are neutralized at first contact in Jesus name.

● Today, I operate in power and boldness, with a sound mind and clarity of thought. Depression, confusion and
distractions cannot have a grip on me.
● I have joy, the joy of the Holy Spirit resides within my inner man and it radiates from within to all around me. I
am God’s dispenser of happiness.

● I am Holy spirit-filled and controlled. I subdue the flesh, the flesh does not overpower me. My emotions are
controlled by the spirit of God within me, therefore they do not lead me to sin, in trouble, into regretful or embarrassing actions.

● I am spiritually smart, spiritually alert, spiritually discerning and spiritually on guard every minute of this
day. I am immediately aware of all the schemes of the enemy and I do not fall into his traps
● Today, the works of my hands are blessed and attract the attention, favour and patronage of those who need what I offer and can pay me what I am worth.
● My coffers are filled and I attract the wealth of nations, even that of the gentiles. I am financially supplied on
every side. I am the lender, I do not borrow. I am the giver, not the beggar. My house is the home of plenty.

● Today, the Lord leads me to green pastures and the paths of profits. My paths align timely with that of my divinely orchestrated destiny helpers, purpose partners, burden bearers and problem solvers.
● I am established in my career and my works, I make my mark in my sector and industry and I am exceptional in
my craft.

● In the places where I occupy a learning position, I learn with ease and speed, I have the favour of my teachers and the cooperation of my peers. Because I have the mind of Christ, my understanding is divine, my memory is
exceptional and I excel on every side.
● Today, I am at peace with all men, including those who hate me. My relationships are nourished and preserved in the peace of Christ. I am surrounded by love on all sides, I do not work or walk alone. I steadily receive the gift of genuine friendships and true love.

● Nothing steals my peace today, my peace of mind is steady and surpasses all understanding.
● Today, I function as God’s instrument of peace, love and justice. I am his conduit for reaching those around me. My light shines brightly and I add value to others.
● Today, my heart is guarded from evil thoughts, jealousy, envy, bitterness, covetousness, despair, doubt,
selfishness and slothfulness.
● I am strengthened by Christ Jesus, I am not weakened or broken by issues of life, my strength does not fail in
adversity. I am empowered to withstand all storms and I emerge victorious.

● Today, I receive the spirit of grace and prayer, and I accurately divide the word of God. The spirit of God gives
me understanding. The fire on my altar place does not dim nor go out and my prayers are speedily answered.
● Today, I discern the will of God for each moment and I commit to it faithfully, only the will of God is allowed to
manifest in my life.

This I decree and declare to be made manifest today in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen.


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