Our Daily Manna 28th March 2021 ODM Devotional – Your 2021 Covenant of Help!

Our Daily Manna 28 March 2021 ODM Devotional

Our Daily Manna 28th March 2021 ODM Devotional by Bishop Dr. Chris Kwakpovwe 

TOPIC: Your 2021 Covenant of Help!

Scripture: Psalm 46

Our Daily Manna 28th March 2021 Devotional Message

Welcome! Verse 1 of today’s scripture says: “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” Note the word: TROUBLE! TROUBLE means DIFFICULTIES AND PROBLEMS! Yes!

TROUBLE is anything that causes difficulty, worry, and inconvenience! And as a child of God, when trouble shows up, don’t forget that THERE IS AN EVER-PRESENT, EVER-READY HELP – Jehovah God! That is your covenant with Him in TROUBLES! He will NEVER leave you nor forsake you!

You are not exempted from the secret and wicked thoughts (troubles) from the wicked because you serve the GREAT STAR OF DAVID (Jesus Christ)! Every time the wicked (demonic enemies) look at you, they are terrified and they start planning how they can say and do things to shoot you down.

Proverbs 4:16 says, “They sleep not, except they have done mischief. Sleep is taken away, unless they cause some to fall.” THAT IS THEIR PERMANENT JOB – to envy your STAR and cause trouble (attacks). Today’s devotional is not about the wicked. Rather, it is about the covenant that you have with your God – HE IS THE EVER-PRESENT HELPER in your troubles!

No matter the wicked schemes, plans and devices, Jehovah will and MUST protect you till you sing your VICTORY SONG in your high places! Finally note this: No trouble can bring you down! At the end of the day, all you need is HOPE and STRENGTH! Hope that it will get better and STRENGTH to hold on till it does!

You are allowed to scream, you are allowed to cry, BUT you are NOT allowed to give up because HELP will never elude you this year! Praise Him now for His covenant of HELP!

TONIGHT IS WORLD HOLY COMMUNION/ PROPHETIC RAIN SERVICE – 2 sessions! Get your bread and water or soft drink ready! THEME: “O LORD, REVIVE ME” Connect Via FACEBOOK: ourdailymannaonline. TIME: 8-9 PM ALSO VIA YOUTUBE: Manna TV International, TIME: 9-10 PM (all Nigeria time).

Prayer Points!
1. Take Song 3: Amazing grace…
2. Pray in your own words as the Word has touched you.
3. Every evil meeting called to discuss and plan my downfall, be thrown into confusion, in Jesus name (Pray it seriously).

4. In 2021, every gathering upon the face of this earth and in the pit of hell, called to devise wicked things against my life and ministry, be struck with confusion/frustration, now!
5. Declare Psalm 46: 11 seven times! MY HELPER is the God of JACOB! I will NEVER know shame in Jesus name.
6. Today, I secure myself/family with the Blood of Jesus. Mercy shall secure us from evil in Jesus name.
7. Pray about today as led now.

Thanks for reading Today’s Our Daily Manna 28th March 2021 ODM Devotional written by Bishop Dr. Chris Kwakpovwe the founder of the various Manna Prayer Mountain (MPM) worldwide.

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