Max Lucado Daily Devotional 29 June 2022 || A Symbol of Triumph


Max Lucado Daily Devotional 29 June 2022
Max Lucado Daily Devotional 29 June 2022 | Wednesday Inspirational Message. Read Max Lucado Daily Devotional 29 June 2022 Message

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TOPIC: A Symbol of Triumph

Very early on Sunday morning Peter and John were given the news: Jesus’ body is missing. Instantly the two disciples hurried to the sepulcher, John outrunning Peter and arriving first. What John saw so stunned him he froze at the entrance.

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What did he see? The burial wraps had not been ripped off and thrown down. They were in their original state—rolled and folded. How could this be? This question led to John’s discovery: “He saw and believed” (John 20:8 NIV). Through the rags of death, John saw the power of life.

Could God do something similar in your life? Could he take what today is a token of tragedy and turn it into a symbol of triumph? If God can change John’s life through a tragedy, could it be he will use a tragedy to change yours?

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