Love Worth Finding Daily Devotions 17th July 2022 | Apostates Ridicule the Truth

Love Worth Finding Daily Devotions 17th July 2022
Love Worth Finding Daily Devotions 17th July 2022 By Adrian Rogers

TOPIC: Apostates Ridicule the Truth

SCRIPTURE: “Likewise also these dreamers defile the flesh, reject authority, and speak evil of dignitaries.” – Jude 1:8

The word “dignitaries” is the word we get doxology from. It literally means “glories, glorious things, and majesties.” Jude was saying there is nothing too glorious or too holy that the apostate will not ridicule.

Apostates receive the truth, refuse the truth, or repudiate the truth, and then they ridicule the truth. They have a way of speaking evil of glorious things. Most likely, Jude was writing about people there who were ridiculing and blaspheming the doctrine of the angels. (See Jude 1:9.)

But you’ll find this about the apostates, they have quick lips. They know how to ridicule holy things and are not ashamed to do so. There’s nothing too sacred or too holy for them to revile and ridicule. And they don’t do so from outside the church, they do it from inside the church.

  • Why is it important that we have reverence for the holy things of God?
  • How is it a slippery slope when we are not careful about this?

ACTION POINT: Write down as many holy things of God you can think of that deserve our reverence and awe.

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