Insight For Today By Chuck Swindoll 7 July 2022 || Innovation, Part Two


Insight For Today By Chuck Swindoll 7 July 2022
Insight For Today By Chuck Swindoll 7 July 2022, Thursday Daily Devotional Message

Insight For Today By Chuck Swindoll 7 July 2022, Thursday Message

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TOPIC: Innovation, Part Two

SCRIPTURE: 2 Corinthians 5:17

Insight For Today By Chuck Swindoll 7 July 2022

Yesterday, we talked about innovative people, and I mentioned that there are a whole lot more innovative people around than any of us can imagine. Could you be one of them?

Let’s take a little test and see. I have Earl Nightingale to thank for this list of twenty-five traits generally found in creative, innovative people. No, relax. You don’t need all twenty-five . . . but if you have most of them, you may be closer than you think.

Drive—a high degree of motivation
Courage—tenacity and persistence
Goals—a sense of direction
Knowledge—and a thirst for it
Good health
Honesty—especially intellectual
Chance taking—willingness to risk failure
Enterprise—willing to tackle tough jobs
Persuasion—ability to sell

Patient yet impatient—patient with others, yet impatient with the status quo
Adaptability—capable of change
Perfectionism—seek to achieve excellence
Humor—ability to laugh at self and others
Versatility—broad interests and skills

Curiosity—interested in people and things
Individualism—self-esteem and self-sufficiency
Realism/idealism—occupied by reality but guided by ideals
Imagination—seeking new ideas, combinations, and relationships

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Okay, that’s enough. I told you creative thinking was hard work! But there is something even harder . . . and that’s change. It’s admitting the need, being honest and humble enough to face the facts, then secure enough to consider new ideas, methods, or devices, to pull it off. Swallowing our pride shouldn’t be that difficult, since that’s what we eat all day.

Go ahead and give it a whirl. Take one of those many things that keeps dragging you under and search for a creative way to solve the problem. And don’t quit until it’s done . . . and that smile of relief returns to your face. (Insight For Today By Chuck Swindoll 7 July 2022)

I know you can do it! You did it before and it worked. And that problem was so huge you could hardly continue. Then came the change . . . the most important decision you ever made based on the most innovative combination ever devised. A man. A cross. Blood. And belief.

God defines it: “The introduction of something new . . . a new birth.”

Insight For Today By Chuck Swindoll 7 July 2022 excerpt taken from Come before Winter and Share My Hope by Charles R. Swindoll. Copyright © 1985, 1988, 1994 by Charles R. Swindoll, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide.