GoodNews Daily Devotional 24 April 2022 – Entitlement

GoodNews Daily Devotional 24 April 2022

GoodNews Daily Devotional 24 April 2022
GoodNews Daily Devotional 24 April 2022 | Sunday Message By Uebert and Bebe Angel

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TOPIC: Entitlement

TODAY’S SCRIPTURE:Proverbs 27:2 Let someone else praise you, and not your own mouth; an outsider, and not your own lips.

GoodNews Daily Devotional 24 April 2022 MESSAGE

Most people are very proud of their accomplishments,and nothing is wrong with that. You should celebrate when these events happen. There is a problem when you let those accomplishments overtake you. You know the type of people that demand praise for every little thing as if the world would fall apart without them.Entitlement is rooted in pride.

If someone calls you by your name and not your title you get offended.When you give a big seed, you expect a call from leadership to thank you. This is wrong my brothers and sisters. Don’t praise yourself as instructed in today’s scripture. Focus on God’s Word and the lost and you will not have enough time to think about your efforts. Remember Jesus made Himself of no reputation and neither should you.

Unfortunately, social media promotes this type of behaviour, and it has crept into the Body of Christ. We should reverence men and woman of God and not ourselves. Rid yourself today of the desire to be acknowledged and walk in humility. Your life should be driven to please God and not man. Look for the gifts and strengths of others to celebrate. Choose to avoid seeking approval or praise for anything you do. When you do things unto God, it is recorded in Heaven and that is the best acknowledgement.

Philippians 2:3-4

My desire is to give God all of the glory. I do not have a need to be recognized for my works. From this day on, I shall honour and reverence leaders. Humility is my testimony. Hallelujah!

GoodNews Daily Devotional 24 April 2022. With years of full time ministry between them, Uebert and BeBe Angel are Pioneering & Leading voices in proclaiming the GOOD NEWS of God’s grace (Euagellion) with a prophetic edge that has made them to be coined the leading forces of both the Good News movement and the modern day Prophetic Movement.

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