GoodNews Daily Devotional By Uebert and Bebe AngelGoodNews Daily Devotional By Uebert and Bebe Angel

GoodNews Daily Devotional juggles as a daily spiritual booster, life guide and best of all carries a prophetic declaration for each day of the year to help you gain mastery over every challenge life may throw you way.

Testimonies of healing and supernatural provision have come from the profound teaching contained in the daily devotional. It will help you grow each day in your walk with God, you are about to embark on a spiritual journey that will change your life forever.

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Partnership is about you faithfully sowing finances in the GoodNews World by purchasing copies of the GoodNews daily that will be sent around the world on your behalf by the GoodNews World. Through your partnership you share in the reward of every soul won and life changed.

Uebert & BeBe Angel

An inspiration to millions of people around the world

With years of full time ministry between them, Uebert and BeBe Angel are Pioneering & Leading voices in proclaiming the GOOD NEWS of God’s grace (Euagellion) with a prophetic edge that has made them to be coined the leading forces of both the Good News movement and the modern day Prophetic Movement.

Between them, they are best selling authors of books such as How to Hear the Voice of GodIntimacy, Prayer BanksSupernatural Power of The Believer, and many more.

Uebert and BeBe Angel are internationally sought-after conference speakers and global leaders. They are highly regarded for their vision, innovation and boldness. As the founders of THE GOOD NEWS CHURCH (Spirit Embassy) they have impacted millions of lives worldwide through their passion to win souls by bringing the revelation of the Good News of God’s grace (Euagellion) to the world. Read More