GoodNews Daily Devotional 17 July 2022 | Illuminati

GoodNews Daily Devotional 17 July 2022

GoodNews Daily Devotional 17 July 2022 | Sunday Message By Uebert and Bebe Angel

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TOPIC: Illuminati

TODAY’S SCRIPTURE: Matthew 5:14 (KJV) Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid.

GoodNews Daily Devotional 17 July 2022 MESSAGE

The word “illuminati” is widely associated with negativity. Many align it with some cultic mafias and nothing good or Godly. Remember the devil does not create but he copies and sometimes perverts what God already created. The moment he creates something on his own, he will be like God of which nothing like that will ever happen. Illuminati means light or light-bringer.

That’s the pure meaning of the word and nothing diabolic on it and the devil managed to take it and make it his own. We are the light of the world as the Bible says which means we are the real “illuminati”. The world without us has no light or knowledge. Solutions to this world come from us and not from the devil and his cohorts. At your workplace, everyone is seeing light because of you.

The Bible even went on to say, “let your light so shine..” Illuminate light in your family, marriage, and business today. You are the light bringer and wherever you go, light shall surely shine. There is no darkness or ignorance in your environment because you are the light. You are purely made up of solutions for life. Change everything that pertains to your life by the light which is within you in the name of Jesus.

I am an embodiment of light, knowledge, and wisdom. My life is full of glory and those around me shall witness God’s glory manifesting in every area of my life.

Matthew 5:16

GoodNews Daily Devotional 17 July 2022. With years of full time ministry between them, Uebert and BeBe Angel are Pioneering & Leading voices in proclaiming the GOOD NEWS of God’s grace (Euagellion) with a prophetic edge that has made them to be coined the leading forces of both the Good News movement and the modern day Prophetic Movement. 

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