David Jeremiah Devotional 16th September 2022: Grace for the Moment


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David Jeremiah Devotional 16th September 2022 For Friday | Turning Point Message By Dr. David Jeremiah 

David Jeremiah Devotional 16th September 2022, Friday

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TOPIC: Grace for the Moment

All things…for good.
Romans 8:28

Recommended Reading: Romans 8:28-30


Andrew McCutchen is an outfielder, currently playing for the Milwaukee Brewers, whose milestones include scoring over 1,000 career runs and 350 doubles. Along the way, he’s had his share of injuries, defeats, aches, and pains. But McCutchen is an outspoken Christian who has learned to deal with adversity by trusting God. When injured a few years ago, he said, “God is using this for good. Romans 8:28—He’s using what I’m going through, He’s using it for His good. And I realize that. He shows me here and there that the injury was tough… but there’s beauty that comes out of it.”[1]

We have abundant promises of God’s guidance, steadfast love, instruction, and protection. Best of all, we have the eternal promise of everlasting life.

Because we know that God works all things for our good, we can worship Him in the midst of trials. When we’re on the disabled list, we know He is still able! Trust the God of Romans 8:28.

Jesus’ love never changes. It doesn’t matter how well I do or how bad I do, His love for me never, never changes and it never will. Andrew McCutchen

Read-Thru-the-Bible: Hosea 10 – 14

David Jeremiah Devotional 16th September 2022 for Friday Message. Turning Point God was founded in 1982 as the broadcast ministry of Dr. David Jeremiah to deliver the unchanging Word of God to an ever-changing world.