Daily Devotional For Today 21 August 2022 : Inspirational Message and Prayer


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Daily Devotional For Today 21 August 2022: Inspirational Message and Prayer

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Topic:  It’s Not Fair!

Scripture: Mathew 20: 13-15

I have to admit that I love this gospel! I am so reminded of people who want to balance everything so it’s fair. I do something for you, so you have to do something for me that is equal to what I did for you. You know what I mean.

The child who counts the presents under the tree and sees that little brother or sister gets 10 gifts and he/she only gets 3 – never mind the fact that the three cost a lot more than the 10! Of course it goes deeper than that when it comes to a person who has changed his or her life around, whether from alcohol, drugs, criminal activity, etc. There are those who believe that a person should be punished for life.

Generosity of spirit is considered the crime when someone gives a person a second chance. Two weeks ago, the gospel talked about helping a person change and last week it spoke of our need to forgive. Now we are asked to not judge and to give someone a chance.

Several years ago, I asked the middle school children to bring in a can of protein filled food for the food pantry. One girl came with nothing because her mother had said that the people didn’t deserve to get food as they came in a car to collect it. Just as with the people at the food pantry, the workers who came late to work in the vineyard have various reasons for needing help.

I once had a student who spent several weeks in a residential program to get over her drug addiction. When she returned to school, she was shunned by the “good” kids because they were told by their parents to stay away, and by her former friends because she wouldn’t party with them anymore.

The same happens to many who have paid their debt to society, but people won’t let it go. Jesus didn’t worry about keeping score; God doesn’t keep score.

Those who come to know and believe in him early in life will have a more fulfilled life on earth, but those who come to know him at whatever stage of their lives, will be welcomed into the kingdom with open arms. Which of you would not welcome back a “lost” child? Why would you expect anything less from God?

Prayer For Today
Thank you, Lord, for your generosity; may we be equally generous with others. Amen.

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