TREM Daily Devotional 6 June 2022 – Fear Not; Only Believe


TREM Daily Devotional 6 June 2022
REM Daily Devotional 6 June 2022 | Monday Message By Dr. Mike Okonkwo

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TOPIC:  Fear Not; Only Believe

SCRIPTURE: “As soon as Jesus heard the word that was spoken, he saith unto the ruler of the synagogue, be not afraid, only believe.” Mark 5:36 (KJV)

TREM Daily Devotional 6 June 2022 MESSAGE

Whilst Jesus was going to the house of Jairus, a miracle happened. A woman who had an issue of blood for 12 years touched the hem of His garment and she was made whole. About this time also a message came from the home of Jairus. “While he yet spoke, there came from the ruler of the synagogue’s house certain which said, thy daughter is dead: why trouble thou the Master any further?” (Mark 5:35 KJV).

As far as the people were concerned, it was all over. Jesus was late! How can it be too late when Jesus is involved? When you know that Jesus is involved in your case, you are not moved by any news around you. One of the things you need to understand is that Jesus is involved in your situation and whatever touches you, touches him.

We do not have a high priest that cannot be touched by the feeling of our infirmities. He knows what you are going through. What Jesus said to Jairus, He is saying to you today: “Be not afraid, only believe”. Don’t let what they have said create fear in you. Don’t let what they are experiencing create fear in you. “Fear not, I only want you to believe”

Your belief will keep the miracle going. But when you stop believing, you will abort the miracle. Though it looks bleak, keep believing. Don’t be afraid! Though they have come back to say that it has failed, and you don’t know what to do, fear not, only believe. Jairus believed and received his daughter back to life. The issue is about believing.

Today God wants to help you. I don’t know what it is, but I have a spiritual insight to know that God is set to release you completely from everything the enemy has done. Just believe! Don’t allow fear to paralyze you. God is already working! Believe it! Your husband is on the way. Believe it! Your child will not be a failure. Believe it! Your ministry will not end in disaster. Believe it! You are fruitful in every area of life. Believe it! You are blessed going out and blessed coming in. Believe it with every fiber of your being.

Further Reading: Isaiah 41:10-20

Daily Bible Reading: Morning- 2 Chronicles 25-27; Evening- John 16

TREM Daily Devotional 6 June 2022 written by Dr. Mike Okonkwo; Is the Presiding Bishop of The Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM); a versatile man of God with over 30 years of dedicated service unto the Lord. TREM Daily Devotional 6 June 2022 

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