Streams of Joy Devotional 14th January 2023 – Discern Your Transition

Streams of Joy Devotional 14th January 2023

Streams of Joy Devotional 14th January 2023, Saturday Daily Devotional By Pastor Jerry Eze. Read Streams of Joy Devotional January 2023 Message

TOPIC: Discern Your Transition

FOCUS SCRIPTURE: “And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him.” (Matthew 25: 6)

Streams of Joy Devotional 14th January 2023 MESSAGE

Our Focal Scripture speaks of how a cry was made at midnight, announcing the presence of the bridegroom. Midnight is that time when we transit from one day to a new day. Midnight is symbolic of transition to the new. In the season of transition, the foolish virgins requested oil from the wise ones, and the wise ones refused. The wise virgins refused to compromise their own chances by sharing oil with the foolish. The wise ones went personal.

Friend, seasons of transition demand that you leave the crowd and make personal choices that will move you forward. Seasons of transition demand that you prioritize your advancement over and above the negative choices of those who want to involve you in their error. Seasons of transition demand that you are sensitive and ready to emerge without distractions. Seasons of transition demand that you stay focused on the goal.

In your season of transition, don’t run with the crowd; destiny becomes personal in transition. Don’t make choices that will jeopardize your chances. Don’t make choices to please people and endanger your new season. Don’t accept compromise that will put you in a disadvantage. Don’t engage in conversations that will put your chances in trouble. Don’t lose your advantage in a bid to please unprepared people at your transition season. Don’t share your oil when the Bridegroom arrives.

The wise virgins asked the foolish ones to go and buy oil from those that sell. They were originally together, but they were simply not willing to join in an error that could exclude them from meeting the Bridegroom. In 2023, do not allow your relationship with anyone to make you a partaker in error. Do not allow your sentiments to drive you into needless entanglements that will hinder your rising.

Don’t allow relationship to make you partake in the foolishness of those you are connected to.
Discern your transition seasons, and dare to do things differently. It is better to walk alone and complete your transition, than to walk with a crowd that will make you miss the mark.

Luke 19: 44 says: “And shall lay thee even with the ground, and thy children within thee; and they shall not leave in thee one stone upon another; because thou knewest not the time of thy visitation.”

DECLARATION: In 2023, I will be sensitive to discern my transition season, in Jesus’ name!

Streams of Joy Devotional 14th January 2023 By Pastor Jerry Eze; is the dynamic Founder and President of the fast-growing Streams of Joy International. A seasoned Pastor and leader, a consummate conference speaker and leadership coach. The work of ministry have taken him to major platforms around the world

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