Seeds of the Kingdom 25th July 2022 || Daily Devotional

Seeds of the Kingdom 25th July 2022

Seeds of the Kingdom 25th July 2022
Seeds of the Kingdom 25th July 2022 Daily Devotional || By Ellel Ministries International

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TOPIC: The Shepherd, the Stray Sheep, And the Little Ones (2)

SCRIPTURE: Then he said to them, “Whoever welcomes this little child in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me welcomes the one who sent me. For it is the one who is least among you all who is the greatest.” – Luke 9:48, NIV

Seeds of the Kingdom 25th July 2022 MESSAGE

In Part 1 we looked at what the original language meant for the word translated ‘little one, or ones’. While it means child, or children, in the Greek, it can also be applied to those who are insignificant in terms of rank or influence. The Greek word is also used to describe the mustard seed being the ‘least, or smallest’ of all the seeds.

I often think that few of us would be where we are today if it were not for the unsung heroes in our lives. It could have been a Sunday school teacher, a grandparent, a sibling, a kind friend, or a school janitor. Many who work tirelessly behind the scenes may feel insignificant, far down the rungs of the ladder of life, and yet, without those who work unseen in the background, very little would happen in the foreground in relation to those who play a more visible role.

But the Lord sees all of this, and He will ensure that it will not go unnoticed, even if it is not acknowledged here on earth. God places such high value on those who may feel they are the least. (Seeds of the Kingdom 25th July 2022)

Mark 10:31 (NLT) states, “But many who are the greatest now will be least important then, and those who seem least important now will be the greatest then.”

I have the privilege of being the twin of a precious sister. She was starved of oxygen at birth, and this has resulted in her having learning difficulties, as well as autistic traits. She has the capacity of a four-year-old, and yet, I feel God has taught me so much through her. She may seem insignificant in the world’s eyes, and yet, I believe that people like her will have a place of honour in heaven. We get such a precious opportunity to be Jesus to people like my sister.

At one stage of my life, I felt God challenge me by asking me if I would be willing to forego the vision, or dream, I had of marriage and ministry in order to take care of my sister for the rest of her days. I realised I would be giving up a lot, and I wrestled with this for some time. Eventually I said, “I am willing to do this. If serving and caring for my sister full time is Your will for me, I know I will be fulfilled in doing it, but, if this is a test, then please show me”. (Seeds of the Kingdom 25th July 2022)

He showed me later that it was a test, but that process changed me forever. God sees each little lamb and stray sheep as having great significance in His sight. Perhaps today you are feeling insignificant, wondering if your life is making a difference. Be assured, the Shepherd has taken note, and you are making a difference by just being here and being you.

Seeds of the Kingdom 25th July 2022 PRAYER

Dear Lord, help me to rest in You, even when I don’t feel I am significant or have value. Thank You that each person is significant in Your sight, regardless of their vocation or background. Help me to share the truth of Your love as the great Shepherd with all the little ones and lost sheep I meet. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Seeds of the Kingdom 25th July 2022 Daily Devotional written by Gilly Mathiesen. Gilly has a heart to see broken lives healed. She got involved in Christian ministry at a young age, working as a missionary for some years as well as teaching at a Christian school. She has been involved with Ellel Ministries since 2011 and trained and worked on the team in Ireland before moving to Denmark in 2016.

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