Rhema For Living 28 September 2022 OFM Devotional: Me And My House (2)

Rhema For Living 28 September 2022
Rhema For Living 28 September 2022 OFM Devotional From The Desk of God’s Servant, Rev. (Dr.) Lizzy Johnson-Suleman

TOPIC: Me And My House (2)

BIBLE READING: Jeremiah 37-39

TEXT: “But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Josh. 24 :15.

Rhema For Living 28 September 2022 MESSAGE

The home is God’s interest. Whoever is conscious of the salvation of his family attracts God’s attention. All through scriptures, people are traced to their family, regardless of how lengthy the line up of who ‘begat’ this, and this ‘begat’ that is Jesus Christ the don of God was traced to the tribe of Judah, the root of David Rev. 5 :5; God does not joke with family.

One of the reasons He had great respect for Abraham and He called him a friend to the extent that He said he could not hide the thing He intended to do from Him was because Abraham was a family conscious man.

He was a man that ensures his family keep the way of the LORD. God declared this in Genesis 18 :19.

To carry your family along you must change your mentality from I, me, myself, to accommodate other members of the family. Be broad-minded. Some men and women are married but they are still single minded in their mentality especially in financial and family is successful or glorious. There is no room for negative expectation.

God requires your mind to be upgraded to family consciousness for Him to work. He says , “But without thy mind would I do nothing; that thy benefit should not be as it were of necessity, but willingly.” Philemon 1 :14.

The second thing to do is to be a living witness . But this I mean let everything about you reveal Christ. Let your household delight in serving your God by your care, compassion, faith, meekness, long suffering, gentleness, and all that Christ represents.

Let members of your family see Christ in you and be eternally grateful to God for having you, and follow you to serve your God..

PRAYER: My Father! My Father! As I begin to pray, let the grace to win over my family to Jesus, rest afresh on me

Thanks and God bless for reading OFM Rhema For Living 28 September 2022 Omega Fire Ministries Devotional from the Desk of God’s Servant, Rev. (Dr.) Lizzy Johnson-Suleman

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