Prayers For Today 29 June 2022 (Morning & Evening Prayers)

Prayers for Today 29 June 2022
Prayers for Today 29 June 2022 (Morning & Evening Prayers)

Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere. Ephesians 6:18, NLT

Below are Prayers for Today 29 June 2022, Morning and Evening Prayers

We ask You, our Father, to give us a true blessing this morning. May it enter into our lives and make them more like Jesus. May it become a fountain of the water of life in each heart of ours. May it make us hate sin more and love right and good more. May it leave the marks of the Lord Jesus Christ branded more indelibly upon us. May it stamp the image of Jesus more deeply and clearly upon us.

We desire to carry Your blessing with us into all the day. May we love You more, and follow You better, and serve You more acceptably — because we have Your blessing upon us in the early morning.

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We ask You — as we must always ask You — to forgive us our sins, and cleanse and purify our hearts and lives. We are not worthy to receive any blessings at Your hands — but You are gracious and merciful, and we come to You sure of the blotting out of our sins, when we have truly confessed them and sincerely repented of them. Give us indeed the grace of repentance, that we may receive Your forgiveness and Your peace.

We desire to leave our sins behind us and not to continue to repeat them. Help us to put them away. If we have unintentionally wronged any one — give us grace to undo the wrong, so far as we can. If we have taken anything from another wrongfully — give us grace to restore what we have taken.

May our religion make us honest and truthful. May it make us just and righteous. Save us from an easy-going religion that makes no impact upon the life. May our religion go to the depths of our being, and may it cleanse us at the heart, and sanctify and transform all our life. May it lead us to noble service. We ask in Jesus’ precious name. Amen.

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Prayers for Today 29 June 2022 (Morning & Evening Prayers)

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We would praise You, O God, for Your mercy and truth, and for all the wonders of Your love. Teach us how to sing. Sometimes we almost forget how to sing, we so rarely utter our thanksgiving to You. We come to You continually with requests, asking for favors of many kinds — but we speak our gratitude very infrequently. We fail to thank You for the things we have most earnestly asked You to give to us, forgetting when we get them, that they are answers to our prayers, that they are indeed gifts from Your hand.

Father, we confess this sin of ingratitude before You and implore Your forgiveness. And may we be enabled to make our repentance real and true, by henceforth thanking You more faithfully for all the blessings of Your love and grace. We thank You now . .
for answered prayers,
for the good things of Your providence,
for the good things of Your word and of Your Spirit,
for home and friends, and
all the blessings of country and church.

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We thank You for this day’s blessings, for its enjoyments, for all it has brought to us of good, for Your presence with us, and for the hopes of glory. We thank You for what You are to us as our Father, for the love that You have for us, for the revealings of Your grace and comfort.

Teach us to sing, so that our hearts may always be praising You. May our lives be songs, and may we sing Your praise wherever we go, not with our lips only — but in our disposition, in our conduct, in our character. May all who see us and know us, hear the music of love and praise wherever we go.

Fill us with the joy of Jesus — and then we shall sing. Breathe Your life into our souls — and then our lives shall be songs. Grant these things for Jesus’ sake. Amen.

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