MFM Manna Water Service 9th December 2020 with Dr D.K Olukoya

MFM Manna Water Service 9th December 2020 with Dr D.K Olukoya

MFM Manna Water Service 9th December 2020 with Dr D.K Olukoya

You are watching Wednesday MFM Manna Water Service 9th December 2020 with God’s Servant, Dr Daniel K. Oukoya

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Read MFM Daily Devotional 9th December 2020 Today’s Message By Dr. D.K Olukoya

TOPIC: Praying for Mercy

Fire Scripture
Ps. 123:1-4, Mark 10:46:52

1Timothy 2:8“I will therefore that men pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting.”

OUTLINE: Becoming a beneficiary of God’s mercy is not automatic. You must pray specifically for it. You will discover in today’s devotional study that a good number of Bible characters prayed for God’s mercy and heaven answered their prayers. No matter the kind of prayers you are praying, do not forget that praying for mercy is very important.In fact, you have to cry for mercy. This is the truth that God wants to share with you today.

You need to cry to God after the order of blind Bartimeaus. He did not possibly know the prayer to pray or even understand the prayer to pray but he did understand the general prayer that can arrest the attention of Jesus. After his prayers had put a break on Jesus’, Jesus then asked him for the specific mercy that he needed and Jesus responded by opening his eyes. The prayer for mercy is not a prayer that you pray like a gentleman.

When blind Bartimeaus prayed his prayer, I’m sure he must have sweated profusely. You need to key into the mystery of mercy. When you begin to pray for God’s mercy, situations that are stubborn will bow. Where the enemy says you will not reach, you will get there when you ask for God’s mercy. When you ask for God’s mercy, the words of man, clinical prophesies and economic predictions against your life will be completely cancelled. Mercy will make you a favourite of the Almighty.

So, pray for mercy today! Psalm 123:1-4 challenges us to wait upon the Lord until he has mercy upon us. When you start praying for mercy, the rule is that you must keep on praying until you obtain mercy.

Motivational Quote
Success is, by and large, a product of divine positioning. Let God position you where He wants you to shine. Pray to locate the place where you will be uplifted.

Prophetic Word
I prophesy upon your life, you shall paralyze the wicked powers that are working against your destiny.

Be still, my soul: the Lord is on thy side

MFM Manna Water Service 9th December 2020 with Dr D.K Olukoya

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