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MFM Manna Water Service 6 July 2022 Message: When Your Spirit Is Wounded

MFM Manna Water Service 6 July 2022 Message

MFM Manna Water Service 6 July 2022 Message By Dr. D.K Olukoya

International Headquarters, Lagos, Nigeria.
Wednesday Manna Water Service
July 6th, 2022.


TEXT: Matthew 12:24, Isaiah 53:5

MFM Manna Water Service 6 July 2022 Message

This is a deep message and I pray that the Holy Spirit will give you understanding to understand it. One of the names we battle against is called Beelzebub, meaning “the Lord of the flies”. Listen to me. Flies:

– go to dirty places.
– like decaying substances.
– hate clean environment.
– can be compared to sicknesses, while the decaying substance inviting them is the human body.

The flies can be compared to sicknesses, arrows of the enemy, poisons of the enemy, but they are being invited by a decaying substance which is the human body. A man is basically a Spirit. The real you is a spirit. Man is three in one. Man is a Spirit, living in a container called the body and having a soul. If the body is wounded, you will feel the pain. The pain will call attention to the fact that that body is wounded. But many people have wounded spirits which are now attracting flies.

Listen to me very carefully. In most cases beloveth, it is the inner sicknesses that set in before the physical sicknesses start. So if you want to obtain power against sickness, the first healing to get is the inner healing.

The reason some physical sicknesses refuse to go away is because the spirit and the soul are sick. So inner healing is healing of the inner man. Jesus said in John 14: “my peace I give unto you, not as the world giveth”. The truth is that so many people have no inner peace. So because they have no inner peace, the enemy sends his flies and once those ones settle down, then other physical sicknesses come in.

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You may now begin to bind the physical sickness and claim your healing but once the spiritual sickness is still there, the physical sickness will not go away. Many are living in a world where before they can get themselves and know where they are going, they need healing of the mind. Healing of the emotions, of the painful memories of the past, healing from unfulfilled dreams that you keep talking about.

Many still worry themselves about the rejection of the past, have self pity, depression, fear, sorrow, guilt, hatred, inferiority complex, self condemnation, believing that you are worthless. All these are sicknesses of the mind. But what does the Bible say in Isaiah 53:5?

  • MFM Manna Water Service 6 July 2022 Message

===> I pray for somebody here today: Any inner cage that the enemy has kept you in, any inner prison that wants to keep returning to past sorrow, in the name that is above all names, Jesus Christ, I command the cage to break, in the name of Jesus!

It is the punishment and lack of peace we are meant to suffer that He suffered for. So, we are supposed to have peace that passes all understanding. So, when somebody has such a peace, no matter the revival of the enemy, he is happy. Although what is happening may not be joyous, but the chastisement of his peace which was upon Jesus will make him to have peace. That is what this scripture is telling us. Jesus was chastised so that we will have peace. Some people enjoy living in the past.

They spend their lives remembering past troubles and disappointments. They cannot make themselves to forget the past and that becomes a big problem. Anybody who is not ready to accept insult, should not be a pastor or minister of the gospel. When you cannot forget the past and have kept a diary of offences in your heart, it will create an inner wound which will invite sicknesses.

This world is a strange place now. Fearful, angry, depressed, disappointed, frustrated people are consuming large quantities of alcohol, pain relieving tablets, tranquilizers, sleeping tablets to calm themselves down.

  • MFM Manna Water Service 6 July 2022 Message

I will not be surprised to have such alcoholics in the service today or watching us. Millions of naira are spent on going to doctors, psychiatrists, whereas all that is needed is inner healing. The world has become a world of valium, aspirin, paracetamol, lexotherm. Satan has a file on everybody.

The file of all our weaknesses, weak areas, spiritual sores, our failures and fears, embarrassment, feelings of guilt. He knows that as far as you dwell on them, a wound is created in the spirit realm. The flies of Beelzebub will raid the wound and later physical sicknesses will start.

It is satan who brings all those memories in. He is the one who enables a person to remember word for word, the contents of an argument. He keeps reminding us of those who hurt us. Complete inner healing comes when we dissipate our minds from all these things and hand over all our past to the Lord. God is such a good God and He wants us to be whole: soul, spirit and body.

Because of what I have just described to you in a few words, we have a lot of corpses walking all over the streets. Many look bright and sunny but the internal mechanisms have completely collapsed. Many who are not dead have been buried completely. Sometimes, the internal collapse happens suddenly, and you wonder what went wrong.
I want to pray a prayer for you. All those who love their destinies will let their amen roar like fire and thunder.

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MFM Manna Water Service 6 July 2022 Message By Dr. D.K Olukoya

===> Every ancestral altar, older than your town, village, I set them ablaze, in the name of Jesus!
===> Forces assigned to make you rotate on one spot, I bury them in the name of Jesus.
Whether you believe it or not, you agree or not, we are all in a battle. And people react to the battles of life in 3 main ways:

1. The defeated. The person who gives up, those who give in. They just say they cannot go on anymore.
2. The masquerades. They are just holding out. Such people appear to be talkative, do something to hide their problems. Sometimes by excessive makeup, dressing, drinking, smoking, late nights. They are just trying to cover up something that is making noise inside.

3. The winners. Those who fight back. Those who believe in the scriptures. Those who are not defeated. The scripture says “they that trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion which cannot be moved but abideth forever”. If you sit down and do nothing, miracle will not occur. Many times, God does not do what we ask Him to do because He has already given us power to do it.

We pray many prayers that are upside down, that God can never answer. You are begging God to chase away evil spirits, loosen you from the bondage of the enemy when God asked you to execute judgment upon them. The bottom line of what I am seeing is this: there can be sickness of the body; there can be sickness of the soul; there can be sickness of the Spirit. The worst spiritual sickness is when the spirit man is wounded. (Proverbs 18:14).

There are people with wounds in their spirits here tonight, they need to be healed tonight. A lot of people carry wounds in their spirits without knowing and it is affecting them. Some of these wounds date back to their childhood. It could be rejection by wife or husband, lack of love from parents, an unwanted child from pregnancy, unequal measure of love and attention between children. Such people may try to forget but the memory is in their spirit.

A wounded spirit constitutes internal slavery. One of Joseph’s brothers who had a wounded spirit was Reuben. He had that internal spirit when Joseph was sold off.

They sold Joseph off at 17. Now they met him at 30. Over 14 years in between. It was when Reuben opened his mouth that we knew that he had that burden for 14 years. Reuben said “did I not warn you against that boy that time?”

Some people are wounded because they saw their parents die. Some women are wounded because they were sexually wounded by men. Others sold their virginity at a cheap price and now they are regretting it. There are many widows with wounded spirits. There are many with wounded hearts.

MFM Manna Water Service 6 July 2022 Message

A wounded spirit is a bad customer and we need to do something about it. This is a serious matter, and we need to understand.
You need to:

– reach out to Jesus tonight and ask God to touch you.
– Forgive those causing you spiritual wounds.
– Reject spiritual contamination.

Are you here now before we start praying and you:
-are having bad dreams?
– are having bad recurring memories?
– are losing your memory?
– always exaggerate the negatives?
– have difficulty in forgiving people?
– are extremely overconfident when facing the wrong way?
– are exceptionally withdrawn from people?

– are fearful?
– are exceptionally distrustful?
– are exceptionally suspicious?
– are controlled by all kinds of habits like alcohol, drugs, food, TV, etc?
– are extremely permissive and indulgent?
– are having nervous and mental break down ?
Worry and anxiety?

MFM Manna Water Service 6 July 2022 Message

All those are indications that there is a wounded spirit. When the wounded spirit is not addressed, then the dreams of wounded spirits will start. Dreams of: constant sexual intercourse, women with male organs sleeping with women, seeing faeces all around you, sleeping with or wedding animals, drinking dirty water, swimming in dirty water, being raped, delivering strange babies, seeing plenty of spiders, scorpions, owls and vultures attacking you, dirty clothes, naked men and women, rags, eating spoilt food, seeing yourself in the coffin, and so on.

We need to:
– repent from all sins
– Learn to forgive
– Claim complete deliverance
– Claim inner healing.

MFM Manna Water Service 6 July 2022 Message | PRAYER POINTS

[Before Message]
1. Habitation of the wicked in my life become desolate in the name of Jesus.
2. Power to send evil arrows back to the senders, overshadow my life in the name of Jesus.
3. The pit that the enemy dug for me, angels of fire push them inside it in the name of Jesus.
4. Sacrifices carried against me backfire in the name of Jesus.

5. Any power saying I will not be better than this, die in the name of Jesus.
6. Any power buried in my present house bringing setbacks to me, catch fire in the name of Jesus. (Pray it 2 hot times).
7. Power discussing my destiny in the night for destruction, you are a liar, die in the name of Jesus.
8. Battles assigned to make my case difficult, scatter in the name of Jesus.

[After Message]
1. (Lay your right on your chest) Eggs of the serpent in my body, come out by fire in the name of Jesus.
2. (Raise your two hands) Healing power of God, overshadow my heart, in the name of Jesus.
3. Strongman of body destruction, die in the name of Jesus.
God bless you


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