Joni And Friends Daily Devotional 14 July 2022 – Jesus’ Love for His Children, Despite Their Weaknesses

Joni And Friends Daily Devotional 14 July 2022 - Jesus’ Love for His Children, Despite Their Weaknesses
Joni And Friends Daily Devotional 14 July 2022 | Thursday Message

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TOPIC: Jesus’ Love for His Children, Despite Their Weaknesses

SCRIPTURE: Jesus loved Martha and her sister [Mary] and Lazarus.- John 11:5

Joni And Friends Daily Devotional 14 July 2022 MESSAGE

No doubt they made up a very ordinary family. Like most families, there were certain differences among the members. Mary, it seems, was the most heavenly minded of the three. She, after all, was the one who sat at the feet of Christ and anointed his feet with costly perfume, even wiping them dry with her hair. She hung on the Lord’s every word, weighing all the things he said.

Martha had her own way of trying to please her Lord. Making the house tidy, scurrying to get things in order, running to do the shopping, racing to prepare the meals. And although she was distracted and anxious about all her busy serving, she probably assumed this was the best course of action.

Yes, the family members had their differences. Lazarus may have had some serious physical problems. Martha was gently chided by the Lord for allowing the details of homemaking and hospitality to divert her from fellowship with him. Meditative Mary, on the other hand, received the Lord’s commendation. She, said Jesus, had chosen what was better (see Luke 10:38-42).

Yet John 11:5 tells us that Jesus loved them all. Our Lord sought intimacy with each one of them.

That’s good news. Not only to those who are strong, but also to the weaker members of the family of faith. Perhaps you fall into the latter group.

“Me? I’m not great saint. I’m not a Paul or John, and I’m certainly not a Mary. I have a hard time getting into the Bible. I can’t pray out loud. I don’t seem to understand spiritual things the way others do. I guess I’m kind of feeble in my Christian life—and sometimes I wonder if Jesus really cares for me as much as he does for those who have it all put together.”

If you see yourself like that—as a Martha, perhaps—take heart. For just as a mother loves all of her children, even the weak and less gifted, so Christ cares for those who are weak in the faith…who wrestle with heavy burdens and temptations…who struggle with nagging doubts and fears…who find themselves distracted from their walk with God by the everyday pressures.

What an encouragement to remember that he loves us all!

If, on the other hand, you’re one of the Mary’s, a real pillar of faith, please remember the counsel of Romans 14:1, to “Accept him whose faith is weak.”

So many of us don’t. We’re quick to judge and criticize those who are groping or slipping and can’t seem to make the pieces fit. Few of us are willing to humble ourselves to help those who are weak in faith.

You might be a real Mary—memorizing your third chapter in the book of James, leading a Bible study, and waking up at 5:30 every morning for daily devotions. Then again, you might be Ms. Martha—collapsing in bed after a busy day, apologetically mumbling your evening prayers as you sink into sleep.

Whichever you are, and however you fit into the family—strong or weak or somewhere in between—please know that Jesus loves you. He’s reserved a special spot at his feet with your name on it.

He’s ready for a more intimate relationship with you…whenever you are.

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