Joel Osteen Sunday 10th January 2021 Devotional – Tap into Grace

Joel Osteen Sunday 10th January 2021 Devotional

Joel Osteen Sunday 10th January 2021 Devotional Message for Today

Topic: Tap into Grace

Today’s Scripture
2 Corinthians 12:9, NIV – But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

Today’s Word with Joel Osteen Sunday 10th January 2021 Devotional

The apostle Paul talked about a secret frustration in his life, which he called “a thorn in the flesh.” Scholars have debated whether it was a physical condition, such as an illness or eye condition, or something else. Whatever was bothering him, Paul prayed three times for God to remove it. One translation says he “implored” God to take it away. That means that Paul gave it his best argument.”God, I’ve served You. I’ve been my best. I’ve prayed for others, and they’ve been healed. God, please take it away.” But what’s interesting is that God never removed that thorn. Rather, God’s answer to him was: “Paul, tap into My grace. It’s sufficient for you. You are well able to enjoy your life in spite of this secret frustration.”

Is there something you’ve implored God to change but nothing’s improved? If God is not removing it or changing it, don’t let that steal your joy. Tap into His grace. It is sufficient for you.

Prayer for Today
“Father, thank You that You are sovereign and know what is best for me. I’m not going to let a secret frustration sour my life. I know Your grace is sufficient for me. Whether it ever changes or not, I declare that I’m still going to be my best and honor You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

Joel Osteen Sunday 10th January 2021 Devotional Message. Joel Scott Osteen is an American pastor, televangelist, and author, based in Houston, Texas. Osteen has been called the “most popular preacher on the planet” and is often listed as one of the most influential religious leaders in the world.

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