Girlfriends in God Devotional 6th April 2021 – Are You Willing to Take a Risk?

Girlfriends in God Devotional 6th April 2021

Girlfriends in God Devotional 6th April 2021, Tuesday Message By Kelly Balarie

Topic: Are You Willing to Take a Risk?

Today’s Truth
He proclaimed the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ—with all boldness and without hindrance!” (Acts 28:31, NIV)

Friend to Friend
“Mom, I feel God wants me to go up and knock on the door of that house right there and tell the people inside that God loves them,” my 6-year-old son said.

“You…what?!” I blurted out while we positioned our bikes on the road for a much-needed water break.

This wasn’t a friend’s house. This wasn’t a next-door neighbor’s house. This wasn’t remotely close to where we lived, nor was it a normal thing to do. Yet, my son had his eyes locked on…that house.

“I want to do it, mom.”

How could I stop him? How could I tell him that he should hold back the truth about God’s love, because of my fear, my sense of embarrassment and my discomfort because of what might happen?

“Go.” I said.

I watched from a short distance, as a beautiful woman with cascading blonde hair opened the door. I caught a glimpse inside her house, which looked immaculate. I wanted to hunch forward on my bike to look at a blade of grass or something. Anything. My phone had to be somewhere… at the same time, the protective mother-hen nature in me took over. I kept my eyes locked on my son.

I watched what was happening: The woman at the door laughed. My son laughed. They were having a ball.

Then, she walked inside, leaving the front door open with my little son standing there, on the doorstep. He turned to look towards me, but in a second, she was back. Was I seeing things correctly? She then handed him what looked like money! Then, she waved at me.

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