Dunamis Power Communion 17 August 2022 Message | Accessing the Word of God

Dunamis Power Communion 17 August 2022 Message | Accessing the Word of God
Dunamis Power Communion 17 August 2022 Message | Accessing the Word of God

Dunamis Power Communion 17 August 2022 Message, Wednesday


By: Dr Paul Enenche

SERVICE OBJECTIVE(S): Understanding what it takes or what to do to access the depths, light and revelation of the Word

Many people carry the Bible but not many people know what the Bible caries. Many are familiar with the letter of the Word but are not familiar with the Spirit of the Word. Many are familiar with some of the verses of the Bible but not many are familiar with the Voice behind the verse (John 6:63)

The first thing we encounter in the Word is the information; the second thing is the instruction/revelation (Ps. 62:11)

Dunamis Power Communion 17 August 2022 Message 

1. Revelation brings transformation to life (2 Cor. 3:18). The reason why our lives are not changing at the same rate is because we have not seen things out of the word at the same rate

2. Revelation brings revolution (Luke 5:2-6) Revelation is that Word that comes with you in mind. One word out of Scripture can revolutionize your life, business, marriage, career and ministry

3. Revelation terminates frustration (Luke 5:4-6) For every frustrating life situation there is a scriptural solution; once you see it, the days of frustration come to an end

4. Revelation brings elevation (Isa. 60:1; Gal. 2:2; Matt. 16:16-18). Revelation is a level changer

5. Revelation brings distinction (Isa. 60:1) When light comes, men shine! You may get a certificate by education, or recognition by association but that may not make you to shine in life; you shine in life by reason of what you know that others don’t know.

6. Revelation brings authentic celebration (Jer. 15:16)

7. Revelation brings illumination (Isa. 9:8). Nothing breaks darkness like light. If there is an ancestral/witchcraft curse or occultic manipulation, it can be fractured by light

8. Revelation brings restoration (Luke 15:8). What is missing can be found by light; Light causes men to find what is lost. Your lost health, peace or job can be restored by light. In God, nothing is ever too lost to be found, if only you can locate the light.

9. Revelation brings direction (Ps. 119:105)

10. Revelation is the basis or raw material for creation (Gen. 1:1-5). Things that were non-existent can be brought into existence by revelation

Dunamis Power Communion 17 August 2022 Message 

1. By being born again (2 Cor. 4:3-4; Mark 4:11) Iniquity is a blinder of insights. Anyone who does not know the Lord has spiritual eyes that are blind

  1. By desperation and hunger (Job 23:12; Matt. 5:6). Insight follows interest and desperation is a magnet of revelation. If our hunger is not the same, our insight can never be the same

  2. By a deliberate search (Jer. 15:16; Prov. 25:2; Matt. 7:7). Anything that is too available is no longer valuable most times; rarity enhances value. What you don’t want, don’t watch! – Bishop Oyedepo. What you are not resisting, you are assisting. Your research is key to your results; what you find is what you seek for (Matt. 7:7). Chance discovery are possible but rare; deliberate and decisive discoveries are more guaranteed

  3. By prayers for discovery (Ps. 119:18; Eph. 1:16-18; Luke 9:29). Prayer is a major key of access into the Word of God. The place of prayer is the place of light, insight and revelation (Luke 9:29)
    Complications experience simplification at the place of supplication and revelation

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Father, I ask that You will open my eyes to see that word that will completely change my life in this season. Open my eyes Oh Lord, in Jesus’ Name
Father, we ask that Your Word and Your Anointing that is on the ground of our nation will change this nation in this season. Give us a revolution by Your Word and Anointing Oh Lord, in Jesus’ Name

Dunamis Power Communion 17 August 2022 Message

– I declare that your eyes will be open to behold wonders from the Book of God
– I declare that whatever is not of God in your body be flushed out of your system via this communion
– A new day and a new season is upon you
– As you receive the communion may your life change completely!

– Every death spirit following you, today I declare their arrest!
– I declare a complete turnaround!
– A limitation just got broken!
– What the devil said you should not achieve or become you shall achieve and become
– That altar of witchcraft, limitation, backwardness, failure at the edge of breakthrough and near success syndrome is destroyed and broken!

  • Everything that runs in your blood that is contrary is cleaned out right now!
  • Every evil deposit or load in your body returns back to hell
  • The Lord is releasing finances that are held down.
  • Anything that is a recurrent pattern in your family that is not from heaven, today that pattern is reversed

  • You shall live and fulfil your days and the purpose of your life shall be fulfilled

  • This is a new season for you, fresh grace is released upon you
  • Your life and destiny is being transformed by the power of the God!-
  • The revelation of the Word is changing your level!
  • By revelation, every trace of sorrow disappears!
  • Every darkness from the pit of hell is arrested!
  • By the light received, direction shall come!
  • Everything that needs to be created in your life is coming into your life now!

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