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DCLM Search The Scripture 17 July 2022

DCLM Search The Scripture 17 July 2022 || Lesson 28 (Youth) || Jacob Returns To Bethel

DCLM Search The Scripture 17 July 2022 for Youth


Jacob Returns To Bethel

TEXT: Genesis 35:1-29; 36:1-43

MEMORY VERSE: “And God said unto Jacob, Arise, go up to Bethel, and dwell there: and make there an altar unto God, that appeared unto thee when thou fleddest from the face of Esau thy brother” (Genesis 35:1).

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The texts focus on God’s command to Jacob to go back to Bethel, his prompt obedience and God’s pronouncement of blessing on him and his generation. God’s command came to Jacob, following his fear of extermination due to the cruel act of Simeon and Levi against the inhabitants of Shechem.

God is a refuge in time of need and it is very important to maintain a close relationship with Him. Though God had answered the prayer of Jacob when he was fleeing from Esau, but he seems to have forgotten his own side of the covenant. God, however, took the initiative by inviting Jacob back to a living relationship with Him.

Question 1: Mention some ways through which youths can be led of God and what is the expected attitude when God is leading.

Youths are enjoined to cultivate a close relationship with God by surrendering their lives to Him through repentance and forsaking of all known sins in order to attract His manifold blessings on their lives. God still speaks to the youths through His word.

1. GOD’S COMMAND AND RESPONSE OF JACOB: Gen 35:1-15; Exo 19:10-14; Gen
12:1,2; Deut 10:5; Exo 20:3,4; Deut 5: 7; Gal 5:19-21

Jacob had an encounter with God at Luz (where he named Bethel) when he was fleeing from Esau to Padanharan. During his first encounter with God, he promised the Lord that if He will be with him, bless and keep him, that the Lord God Almighty will: one, be his God; two, build Him a house and three, give God the tenth of all his blessings. Jacob left Haran with God’s full blessings but forgot the promises he made unto Him.

Like Jacob, youths often forget the promises they made unto God in time of distresses. Though they may forget, God will not and He expects every youth to fulfil all promises and vow they made unto Him in their periods of needs. Contrary to his promise, Jacob settled at Shechem instead of Bethel.

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Question 2: Give example of a man in the Scripture that made promise unto God and fulfilled it even though it was very costly to do so.

Jephthah kept his vow unto the Lord, though costlier than his expectation (Judges 11:35). His only daughter also cooperated and consecrated her life unto God till death. He was a good example of faithfulness unto the Lord no matter how costly. Obedience to God is more important than the cost of our obedience. Jacob’s household had gone into idolatry. Thus, there was a need for them to forsake idol worship before they could seek the living God at Bethel.

Jacob, all his children and wives promptly obeyed. It shows that no matter how far you have gone astray from God, it is not too late now to retold follow the good example of Jacob’s children by surrendering to the Lord Jesus Christ. Jacob’s children were not there when he made a covenant with God yet he told them, they did not refuse to serve the true God. (DCLM Search The Scripture 17 July 2022 for Youth)

Youths should also cooperate with their converted parents to serve God wholeheartedly in their Bible-believing church. Any youth involved in idol worship in the form of cultism, tattoo, enchantment or using of spiritual rings for examination purpose should repent now before it is too late. Jacob commanded his household to put away the strange gods that were among them, be clean and change their garments.

As Christian youths, you should do away with all forms of strange gods and keep yourselves holy and clean in His presence. Fear has torment, but perfect love casts out fear. Jacob was afraid of reprisal attacks but God was merciful unto him and his household because of his obedience to His commandment. Youths must have strong faith in God and obey His commandments in order to be free from the fear of enemies.

Question 3: From the experience of Jacob, what are the benefits of obedience and close relationship with God?

Jacob’s sacrifice was acceptable to God. He therefore, appeared unto him and transferred the blessings of Abraham and Isaac upon him. He further commanded him to multiply and be fruitful. Fruitfulness and multiplication is not an option for any youth but a command. No Christian youth should tolerate failure in his life. The Power of God is at the disposal of every Christian youth to succeed in life.

Youths’ consecration to God always attracts God’s divine approval and favour. The benefit of close relationship with God are numerous. They include: one, divine protection; two, divine guidance; three unhindered progress; four, peace of mind; five, fruitfulness; six, victory over enemies and seven, eternal life.

DCLM Search The Scripture 17 July 2022 for Youth | Lesson 28

2. GRIEFS, CONFLICTS AND DEATH OF RACHEL: Gen 35:16-29; 49:1-4; Exo 20:14; Heb 13:4; Lev 18:6,8

Jacob decided to visit his father whom he had left for about twenty years with his household. As they journeyed, Rachel his wife was at the point of delivering her second child. She however, had a hard labour and died in the process as soon as she delivered the baby boy. She named the child “Benoni” (Meaning: the child of my pain) but Jacob gave him the name “Benjamin” (Meaning: the right hand is the seat of power). Youths should be careful of what comes out of their mouth when things are not going according to their expectation.

Question 4: What is the danger of negative confession and what is the antidote against it?

Jacob and his household eventually arrived at Mamre, a location in Hebron the dwelling place of Isaac, his father. Isaac was one hundred and eighty years old at this time. Isaac thought he would die more than twenty years before this time but God prolonged his life beyond his expectation. His life was preserved by God until he saw his grandchildren who are apparently the heirs of the blessing he had earlier pronounced on Jacob.

At last Isaac gave up the ghost and departed this sinful world to eternity with God. He was jointly buried by his two sons, Jacob and Esau.

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3. GENEALOGIES AND REPUTATION OF ESAU’S SEED: Gen 36:1-43; 13:6; Judges 9:22,23; Eph 4:11

The history of Esau and his family was here re-enacted. His marriage was a grief of heart to his father and mother. Youths should be watchful not to do anything that can bring grief to their parents. Unlike Jacob, Esau married the Canaanites without consideration for God and his parents. God-fearing youths should not allow the devil to use anyone to make them go into unholy alliance with the ungodly.

Jacob’s and Esau’s families pattern were both polygamists, contrary to the good example of Isaac. One man, one wife is God’s standard for marriage and every disobedience to this injunction brings sorrow and grief to everyone involved. Some consequences of polygamy are: conflicts, jealousy, bitter rivalry; incest, partiality, hatred and other evils. Youths must pray to God for His perfect will in marriage. Wrong step in marriage can make the rest of their lives bitter.

Esau was a complete sensual and casual man. He was physically prosperous but was spiritually poor and wretched. Youths must not pursue earthly prosperity without spiritual riches. A complete youth must both be spiritually sound and earthly relevant.

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