DCLM Daily Manna Devotional 13th January 2023 – A Higher Wisdom

DCLM Daily Manna Devotional 13th January 2023
DCLM Daily Manna Devotional 13th January 2023 Deeper Life Daily Devotional By Pastor W.F Kumuyi

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TOPIC: A High Wisdom

“Howbeit we speak wisdom among them that are perfect: yet not the wisdom of this world, nor of the princes of this world, that come to nought.” – (1 Corinthians 2:6)

READ: 1 Corinthians 2:6-16 (KJV)

DCLM Daily Manna Devotional 13th January 2023 MESSAGE

Socrates was by far one of the most celebrated philosophers that ever lived. However, he wrote no works of his own; therefore, we come to know Socrates’ life and teachings through his student and friend, Plato (427BC – 247 BC). In works like “APOLOGY”, Plato, also a philosopher, described the life and trials of Socrates that influence our understanding of the truest element of Socratic wisdom from these quotes: “We are only as wise as our awareness of our ignorance. The only true wisdom is knowing you know nothing”.

Today’s passage lay bare the futility and limit of man’s wisdom. Apostle Paul highlights the impossibility of mortal men discovering God and knowing Him through natural wisdom. When we read the Bible without the saving knowledge of Christ, our understanding is limited. This is because the things of God are spiritually discerned. Our temporal, earthly achievements cannot be compared with the eternal weight of glory that lies ahead of the saints of God. Therefore, true wisdom demands that we invest our lives in things that will outlast this temporal space.

Before we continue our celebration of man’s wisdom, let us pause and ask ourselves what has happened to the wisdom of the great men and women who lived before now? And where are the achievements through their ingenuity? If we fail to learn from history, it is said, history will repeat itself.

The fact therefore is that there is no wisdom that is superior to the wisdom of God. And there is no philosophy that can guarantee man’s happiness, except the wisdom which the word of God teaches.

Earthly wisdom, at best, is of no eternal value.

Genesis 38-40

DCLM Daily Manna Devotional 13th January 2023 Message | Deeper Life Devotional Guide was written by Pastor W. F. Kumuyi. He’s the founder and General Superintendent of the Deeper Life Bible Church situated at KM 42 on the busy Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Nigeria.

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