David Jeremiah 15 January 2022 Today’s Devotional Message

David Jeremiah 15 January 2022 Today's Devotional MessageDavid Jeremiah 15 January 2022 Today’s Devotional Message for Saturday

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Topic: Are You Ready for a New Year? New Year’s Restoration

Today’s Scripture: So I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten.
Joel 2:25

Recommended Reading: Psalm 23

David Jeremiah 15 January 2022 Today’s Devotional Message

After the disruptions of the past two years, many people feel stuck in a rut. Habit patterns shifted. Many people began watching church services online while sitting in their recliners at home. Small groups struggled to stay together. We autotomized our giving. We began working from our kitchen tables. Many parents tended to their children all day, trying to help them with online learning. We wondered if we would ever feel normal again.

The people in Joel’s day suffered a pestilence of locust, but God promised to restore them—and to restore the losses they had sustained. Ask Him to do the same for you. The Lord Jesus is a master at restoring and reviving His people. One pastor simply prayed, “Lord, I need a fresh anointing!”

Why not ask God for a fresh start in 2022? Ask Him to restore your soul and to give you a fresh burden for the new year. Ask Him to make up for what’s been lost.

He can and will restore joy and productivity to your life!

Like a watch, the human spirit can just run down….God has the power and willingness to breathe a new breath of life into one who has lost.
Charles Allen

Read-Thru-the-Bible: Genesis 47 – Exodus 4

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