Daily Prayer for Today 17th May 2022 | Tuesday Prayers


Daily Prayer for Today 17th May 2022
Daily Prayer for Today 17th May 2022 | Tuesday Prayers | A Prayer for the Middle of the Night

Daily Prayer for Today 16th May 2022

Scripture:“I lie down and sleep; I wake again, because the Lord sustains me.” – Psalm 3:5

Daily Prayer for Today 17th May 2022 MESSAGE

“He will not let your foot slip—he who watches over you will not slumber; indeed, he who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.”  – Psalm 121:3-4

As we begin, take a deep breath and become aware of God’s presence around you and within you, right this very moment.

Recite God’s Goodness
Almighty God of the Universe, You are the One who has watched over me from the day of my birth, even to the middle of this night. I praise You because You’re holding me even now. Thank You that You never sleep, You’re never off-duty; You’re never unaware of what’s happening in the world and in my life. Thank You for Your constant presence and protection. You have been so good to me!

In the next few moments, think back on the ways in which God has shown His protection, His presence, and His provision in your life, and take time now to praise and worship Him for that.

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Express Your Neediness
Lord, I confess that I’d rather be sleeping right now, and it’s frustrating to not be experiencing the rest and sleep that I know my body needs. Instead, I’m awake. I bring to You those worries and frustrations that keep me up. God, help me find my rest in You alone. If You’ve awoken me with a purpose, for prayer or vigil or service, help me do so in Your power and strength. But if not, please let me fall back asleep quickly so that my body and mind may be refreshed for the work You have for me to do tomorrow.


Seek His Stillness
Take a few deep breaths, breathing in God’s presence, His comfort, His love, and on the exhale, breathe out your worries, your burdens. Picture yourself safe and secure in God’s loving arms as He holds you in a tender embrace; picture His presence surrounding you like a warm blanket. Picture yourself resting your head on His shoulder, being held in His embrace. Just be still with Him, the God who watches over you, who never slumbers or sleeps.

Trust His Faithfulness
Heavenly Father, You know all things, You see all things, and You hold all things together in Your loving hands. God, You know the cares that have woken me up this night, so I entrust them back into Your caring hands. I know that You don’t fall asleep, that You don’t leave me to walk through this life alone. You know, and You see, and You will provide. I love You, Lord. I love You and I trust You with my whole life. Help me to rest in You tonight. Daily Prayer for Today 17th May 2022

So if there’s anything else that is still heavy on your heart, picture yourself taking it in your hands and placing it into God’s capable and loving hands. Leave it with Him, and say “God, I trust You.” Daily Prayer for Today 17th May 2022


Daily Prayer for Today 17th May 2022 A Prayer for the Middle of the Night is an excerpt adapted from Asheritah Ciuciu’s new devotional, Prayers of REST: Daily Prompts to Slow Down and Hear God’s Voice, from Moody Publishers. You can find more information or order your copy at prayersofrest.com.

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