Daily in Christ 13 November 2021 Devotional | Complete In Christ

Daily in Christ 13 November 2021 DevotionalDaily in Christ 13 November 2021 Devotional | Saturday Message

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Topic: Complete In Christ

Colossians 2:10In Him you have been made complete

Colossians 2:6-10 reveals three levels in our relationship with Christ. If we are going to present every believer complete in Christ (Colossians 1:28), our discipleship must acknowledge the following order.

Level One ensures that our identity is firmly rooted in Him . This entails:

Leading individuals to Christ and directing them to their scriptural assurance of salvation; Guiding them to a true knowledge of God and who they are in Christ; Helping them see the ways they are still playing God or rebelling against God’s authority; Breaking down their defenses against rejection by accepting and affirming them.

Level Two deals with the issue of maturity in Christ, which Paul alluded to as “being built up in Him” (verse 7). The second level of discipleship is to accept God’s goal of sanctification and grow in Christlikeness. This entails:

Helping people learn to walk by the Spirit and by faith; Helping them get off the emotional roller coaster by focusing their thoughts on God instead of their circumstances; Encouraging them to develop self-control; Challenging them to resolve personal problems by forgiving others and seeking forgiveness.

Level Three reflects the issue of our daily walk in Christ, which is possible when our identity and maturity are in Christ. The third level of discipleship is to help believers live responsibly in Christ in their homes, on their jobs, and in society. The effective Christian walk involves the proper exercise of spiritual gifts, talents, and intellect in serving others and being a positive witness in the world.

Prayer: Lord, I desire to be firmly rooted and built up in Christ today so I may walk in Him.

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