Anglican Daily Fountain Devotional 10 June 2022 – A New Song


Anglican Daily Fountain Devotional 10 June 2022
Anglican Daily Fountain Devotional 10 June 2022 Message for Friday. Read
Daily Fountain Devotional 10 June 2022 for Anglican Communion

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TOPIC: A New Song

TEXT: Exodus 15: 1-2(NKJV)

Daily Fountain Devotional 10 June 2022 MESSAGE

 Songs often spring from a personal unique experience with God. Today’s passage is the first recorded song in the Bible, significantly coming after redemption from bondage. Israel’s sighs (Ex. 2:23) were turned to singing in Exodus 15. Moses did not copy the song from anywhere; it sprang from his experience and inspiration by the Spirit of God.

This hymn of Praise has significant lessons in its four stanzas namely: God’s victory was announced (vv. 1-5); God’s weapons are described (vv. 6-10); God’s character is extolled (vv. 11-16a); and God’s Promises are fulfilled (vv.16a-18). It should be noted that the song exalts God, for the Lord is referred to at least forty-five (45) times in these eighteen verses.

Too many songs today, even in some churches, exalt men instead of the person and holy character of God and His wonderful works of power. In our walk with God, we should be attentive enough in the spirit to understand God’s leading through circumstances of life.

This will lead us into a deep personal experience with the Lord, and songs of praises will naturally flow from our hearts to God. In verses 22-27, we again see God passing Israel through a test, and promised that if they would obey him completely, He would take full care of their health and daily provision. Let us also learn to trust the Lord always.

PRAYER: Sing Praises to God today.

Quote Of The Day

God says: My lovingkindness is more precious than life. Psalm 63:3

Anglican Daily Fountain Devotional 10 June 2022 Message. The Church of Nigeria is the Anglican church in Nigeria. It is the second-largest province in the Anglican Communion, as measured by baptized membership, after the Church of England.

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