Daily Devotional For Today 29 June 2022 : Inspirational Message and Prayer

Daily Devotional For Today 29 June 2022
Daily Devotional For Today 29 June 2022: Inspirational Message and Prayer

Read Daily Devotional For Today 29 June 2022

Topic: To Live In Christ

Scripture: Galatians 2: 19-20

We know that we who have been baptized have been baptized into his death so that we might rise with him. The words may be a little different from those of Paul, but the message is the same, if we are willing to accept it. By accepting our baptism, we are choosing to live a life of faith, remembering the sacrifice of Jesus.

It’s a willingness to die to self, not easy. Of course, for Paul the dangers were more immediate, and for many Christians today, that hasn’t changed. But some have said that it would be easier to die once for our faith than to have to die every day.

I hope I never have to face that possibility, but having just written that, I think I do have to face that and we all do. We all will need to face death one day, whether or not it comes suddenly or after a lingering illness. We will have to face the reality of death.

Will we be at peace, even joyous that we will be with our God? Or will we be fearful, our faith tested for a final time? This is Satan’s last chance to get to us. Hopefully, by dying with Christ in spirit, and living in him, our faith will be strong when it is time to die with Christ in the flesh.P

Prayer For Today
Loving God, we have willingly been baptized in the death of your Son Jesus. Help us live in him so that we will be ready to meet him at the end of our earthly lives. Amen.

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