Daily Devotional For Today 24th April 2022 : Inspirational Message And Prayer

Daily Devotional For Today 24rd April 2022
Daily Devotional For Today 24th April 2022: Inspirational Message and Prayer

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Topic: Give Thanks

ScripturePsalm 105:1-3

Each time the Lord saved them, they poured out their thanks and let everyone know what God had done for them. It is now the Easter season, and we need to be just as enthusiastic in our thanks and praise as the Israelites. If they were grateful for the victories won for them, how much more should we be for Jesus winning the victory over sin and death.

This is a battle that has won a victory for all people for all time. Never again will this battle have to be fought, and we didn’t have to fight it, Jesus did it all. There is a hymn that I’ve sung every year at the Baptist church during the celebration of the Seven Last Words on Good Friday that is called just that: “Jesus Did it All.” Not only did he do it all, but by his resurrection he let us know that the victory was won, the gates of heaven were opened and the power of Satan had been defeated.

All we have to do is live each day following in the footsteps of Christ and accept the gift we have been offered. Why do we hold back? Do we take our faith so for granted that we no longer feel the need to say thanks? This year, let it be different and let those around you know of your gratitude for the victory won for you and for them.

Prayer for Today

Gracious God, you are so patient with us who take you and your gifts so for granted. Give us the grace to give you thanks and praise each day. Amen.

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