Daily Devotional For Today 21 November 2022 : Inspirational Message And Prayer

Daily Devotional For Today 21 November 2022

Read Daily Devotional For Today 21 November 2022

Topic: Jesus Weeps Over Jerusalem

Scripture: Luke 19: 41-44

In Luke’s Gospel, Jesus has just entered Jerusalem for what would be the last time. The people have welcomed him and want to make him king. Needless to say, the leaders are not happy with this and will soon step up their plans to kill him. It won’t be long before Jerusalem will be under siege and Jesus’ words will come true. Just as with the prophets, the people have ignored the signs that they needed to change. Not even the son of God could wake them up in time to save the city from destruction.

To this day, we can see how devastating was the destruction of the temple. We know the story of Masada as well, and how many of the Jewish people were killed. If Jesus walked the earth today, would he weep over us? My guess is that he would. We are not so dissimilar to the people of the past. We, too, ignore signs of destruction of our world. We have spent the last couple of centuries polluting our land, our water supplies and our air.

We complain about the increase of cancer, the spread of AIDS, the spread of diseases that never existed before the use of chemicals in our water and food supplies. If we keep on going like this, we won’t need marauding armies to overtake us, we’ll just self-destruct! In those areas of the world where they hunger for peace, they also hunger for justice.

We have a responsibility to help in any way we can to work for justice in the world as well as to be good stewards of the earth. Just as the prophets warned the people of Israel and Jesus warned the people of Jerusalem to return to God and his laws, they also warn us. Will we listen?

Prayer For Today
Loving God you have warned us to turn to you and we keep failing to listen. May we pay better attention to you and your commands before it’s too late. Amen.

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