Daily Devotional For Today 16 May 2022 : Inspirational Message And Prayer


Daily Devotional For Today 16 May 2022
Daily Devotional For Today 16 May 2022: Inspirational Message and Prayer

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Topic: What Have We To Say

Scripture: Acts 14: 15-16

Paul stood up and beginning with the Exodus outlined the history of the Jewish people up to the time of Jesus, the fulfillment of the promises. Paul understood his faith well. I believe that a lot of the problems we have with talking about our faith is that we haven’t given it a lot of thought or study. Can you explain why you believe in Jesus? Are you able to talk about his teachings?

What about the Old Testament? How familiar are you with the prophets or the major teachings? For most people, their understanding for their faith is what they have heard in church, or when they were a child in religious education or Bible School. Many adults actually have an understanding of faith that hasn’t changed since they were children. Of course, there are Bible studies for adults, but how many adults take advantage? There’s work, shopping, child care, household chores.

So little time, so much to do! How can I possibly fit in a Bible study? It’s no wonder we often shy away from discussions of religion, or get lost deciding the truth of what we hear. Paul was able to bring many people in many nations into the Christian faith because he knew what he was talking about. We, too, can come to grow in our knowledge so that we will be better able to witness it to others.

Prayer for Today: Lord, you have gifted us with faith; help us take advantage of the opportunities to grow in it and have more confidence when we have the chance to testify to others. Amen.

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