Pastor David McGee’s Devotional 4 April 2021 – Who was Jesus?CROSS THE BRIDGE DAILY EVOTIONALS WITH David McGee

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About Pastor David McGee

International Speaker, evangelist, musician, pastor and author, David McGee, was born in Greensboro, North Carolina as a deaf-mute. After overcoming overwhelming physical obstacles as a child, he eventually discovered music and toured the country as a rock musician. After an encounter with Jesus Christ, he devoted his life to revealing the life-changing Truth of the Bible. From a small home Bible study to a church with an international reach, David teaches with a heart-warming and humorous style.

David McGee’s heart is to encourage everyone to grow in the knowledge of God’s Word. This ministry now sends out a daily devotional through email every morning to thousands of people worldwide. Not only are we able to send this to individuals but also some companies use his email to bless their employees. You can also start your day off with getting into the Bible by subscribing for FREE to his evotional using the form on this page or clicking HERE.

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