April 21, 2022 Bible Verse | Devotional Message & Prayer

April 21, 2022 Bible Verse
April 21, 2022 Bible Verse | Devotional Message & Prayer | Thursday Daily Devotional Message

April 21, 2022 Bible Verse & Prayer

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TOPIC: Follow God

BIBLE VERSE: “The LORD has given me a strong warning not to think like everyone else does.” – Isaiah 8:11 NLT

April 21, 2022 Bible Verse | Devotional Message

As a prophet, Isaiah needed to know the specific ministry to which he was called, the messages God wanted him to deliver, the tasks God wanted him to accomplish, and the focus of his energy.

Isaiah knew that God warned him “not to think like everyone else.” God had a particular design for his life and had given Isaiah specific talents, gifts, and resources. God called him to do specific things that He asked of no one else.

This didn’t mean that Isaiah was superior. It just meant that he was different. He had unique assignments, and God expected him to concentrate on these assignments. Others might question his actions, but Isaiah was accountable to God alone.

Isaiah was demonstrating an important spiritual principle, for each of us is unique in God’s sight. Each of us has been given special gifts, talents, and resources, and specific tasks to accomplish.

What is God’s call for you? What goals has He given you? Are you focused on these goals? What specific talents and resources has He given you? Are you being a good steward of those resources? Have you experienced any criticism that has led you to compromise?

Remember, you are unique and have special assignments. Humble yourself before God. Don’t just think like everyone else. Serve Him. Commit your life to Him. Seek to follow Him, to accomplish His specific purposes for you.

PRAYER: Father, thank You for Your call on my life. I dedicate my time and resources to You. Use me for Your Kingdom and glory. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Isaiah 8

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