Scripture Union Daily Guide 13th February 2021 – Care for Others

Scripture Union Daily Guide 13th February 2021

Scripture Union Daily Guide 13th February 2021 Saturday Message 

TOPIC: Care for Others

Opening Prayer: May the meditation of my heart be acceptable unto you, O Lord as I read from your word.

Scripture: Deuteronomy 22:1-12

Question(s) for Reflection
• Is there any example for me to follow or not to follow? • Is there any other Biblical passage that can help me understand this passage better?

Scripture Union Daily Guide 13th February 2021 Message

Vs.1-4 point out practical ways to show concern for your neighbours, what you must or must not do to his lost property, steps you must take to save him from suffering loss. Which of these have you been doing, and which of them have you found difficult doing and why? Differentiating between male and female was very crucial to God that He even expected their clothing to mark them as such (v.5). “Male and female He created them” (Genesis 1:27b).

God gave this instruction to His people to guard against perversion. This helps us understand why wearing of clothes that pertain to the opposite sex were forbidden (v.5). This verse has generated a lot of controversy among Christians especially in Africa. As believers, we should not allow the people of the world to dictate our lifestyle. God is very much interested in the purity of our heart and not our outward appearance.

However, our good attitude towards people, decent dressing and acts of kindness are fruits that people would see and give glory to God (Matthew 5:16, NLT; 1 Tim. 2: 9 – 10; 1 Pet. 3: 3 – 6). Tassels were worn as a reminder to obey all God’s command (v.12; cf. Numbers 15:38-40). Read vs.6-10 and note how God expresses his concern for his creatures, the issue of safety (v.8) and His warning against mal-handling of animals (v.10).

• Any new insight or reinforcement of what you already know?

Closing Prayer
• Oh Lord, help me to truly love my neighbours, show them compassion and be a true steward of your creatures. • Pray and commit the work and studies of the coming week into God,s hand.

Prayer for the week
Pray for the poor in our land. Pray against the satanic strategies to remove people from their ancestral lands and to send them to IDP camps. Pray against kidnapping, rape and demonic activities in the land. Pray for The Apostolic Church Nigeria.

Offer a prayer of faith in line with
Isa. 56-58; Mark 13:21-37

Scripture Union is an international, inter-denominational, evangelical Christian organization. It was founded in 1867, and works in partnership with individuals and churches across the world. The organization’s stated aim is to use the Bible to inspire children, young people and adults to know God.

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