Prayers for the Month of May 2022 | Prophetic Declarations

Powerful Prayers for the Month of May 2022

Prayers for the Month of May 2022
Prayers for the Month of May 2022 | Prophetic Declarations

We bring to you prophetic and powerful prayers and declarations for the month of May 2022. These prayers are filled with faith, prosperity, healing, spiritual growth and more.

As you declare these prayers, believe and it shall come to pass. You can ask for anything in my name, and I will do it, so that the Son can bring glory to the Father.( John 14:13)

Below are the prophetic Prayers for the Month of May 2022

I was born into a rich family with all the resources I could ever need. I am armed with the revelation that God wants me rich and open my spirit to receive all that belongs to me. From this very moment, attaining wealth will never be a struggle for me, in Jesus’ mighty Name!

In this month of May 2022, I testify and declare the Lord has dealt wondrously with me and prospers me beyond extraordinary, in Jesus Name!

My circumstances change now! My broke days are over! And I am taking over the wealth of the wicked the way God intended and for the fulfilment of His purposes, plans, and pursuits, in Jesus Name!

I call the shots wherever I go! I think BIG! I believe BIG! I act upon that which is BIG! And I get BIG results, in Jesus Name!

I am redeemed from the curse of poverty, and I now loose the abundance of God upon my life. All that rightfully belongs to me now comes to me under grace in a perfect way, in Jesus Name!

I refuse to be broke, busted, or disgusted! Money without number and health without end is coming to me now! My days are spent in prosperity and my years in riches, in Jesus’ Name!

I am rich beyond my wildest imagination! I was born into the right family of God where the money was and still is. I was born in a place of peace, health, and wealth created just for me!
Hallelujah! (Prayers for the Month of May 2022)

In this month of May 2022, I am working the Word like never before. I am not waiting for wonders to happen; I am making wonders happen. I work miracles! I take my healing! I lay hold on my money by the force of my faith!

I am the stimulus for my economy. The wealth of nations comes to me, and I am a wonder in my generation, in Jesus Name!

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I am power in motion! I take my seat at the table of influence, and my words shall not be ignored. They shall know my name in the corridors of power. The money is coming, and I boldly move towards my prophetic destiny!

By the sound of my words, I energise the environment of angels creating roadways and highways for them to bring wealth to me. They are in motion right now, moving towards my store-houses – my business and my bank accounts – with speed.

I am making spiritual deposits into a supernatural system that brings me wealth. My clouds of prosperity are full, and wealth pours into my life, showering me with abundance, in Jesus Name

Thank you, Lord, for strategically positioning me in this end time. Thank you for sending me out with provision and plenty. Thank you for making me an ambassador of the Kingdom of Heaven. I
represent the richest government and country there is! (Prayers for the Month of May 2022)

As I pray, my spirit is sensitised to my opportunities in this allotment of time. I am being positioned to receive all that is stored up for me. I am always in the right place at the right time, for the Spirit of God directs my steps.

My blessings shall never be postponed, delayed, or cancelled. My faith is now! Wonders of wealth are upon me, and I move into my wealthy place now, in Jesus Name!

Divine health is mine. Abundance is mine. Quality is mine. Supply is mine. Success is mine. The wealth of the wicked is mine, and money comes to me in the mighty Name of Jesus!

We believe you are touched by Prayers for the Month of May 2022, please share to your loved ones. God bless you.

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