NSPPD 21 Days Fasting and Prayers 2023 | Streams of Joy Fasting Day 13

Streams of joy 21 Days Fasting And Prayer - 21st January 2023

NSPPD 21 Days Fasting and Prayers 2023 | Streams of Joy Fasting Day 13
NSPPD 21 Days Fasting and Prayers 2023 | Streams of Joy Fasting Day 13 – 21st January 2023

Prayer Points for NSPPD 21 Days Fasting and Prayers 2023 | Streams of Joy Fasting Day 13

Prayer Theme: Operation Nations, Cities open up by Fire!
Study/Meditate: Psalm 24, 2:8, Isaiah 43:3, Jeremiah 22:29

2023, Nations, cities : EPHAPHATHA!!! 3x
NOT BY PROCESS BUT BY GRACE!!! (Psalm 44:3, Mark 7:34)

2023 is my time and my turn TO GO AND PLAY IT BIG! I will make news for the right reasons! By the mantle of relevance upon me, Every answer/solution my generation is looking for is loaded in the womb of my Spirit! I command burst out by Fire! (John 7:38)

The mantle of Greatness rests on me! That Open Door that my strength/qualifications/labor/intelligence/know how cannot take me to, Oh Lord, by your supernatural power, take me there! I move ahead and enter by the Supernatural! Any power that arises to block, Break by Fire! (Revelation 3:8, 2 Corinthians 12:9)

I am THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD, Demonic coverings, patterns of smallness, cycles of mediocrity and obscurity that limited my shining in previous years, Your time is Up! This year, I burn hotter, I shine brighter! Fire!!!(Matthew 5:14)

I am that Burning and Shining Light! A strong voice in the market place, an unbeatable icon in business and career! Full of Heaven baked ideas! Highly sought after! The Joy of many cities, nations and Generations! I arise, I manifest by Fire, Hallelujah! (Romans 8:19)

This 2023, I Will be who God wants me to be! The family I came from, the city I live in/my background will not swallow my greatness! I break out! (Isaiah 10:27)

Giants, walls, mountains, limitations of last year I command you to go down by fire, I tear you by Fire! I Arise and I carry strong evidences that 2023 is my time and my turn for a Global Takeover! (Isaiah 41:15)

I carry the mantle of Influence! I am Mount Zion, The Lord has exalted and established me! By The force of God’s Glory, Men/women of substance, kings and queens, cities and nations will volunteer to help me! (Isaiah 2:2)

Cities and Nations have bowed, the favor, goodness and mercies of The King of kings is with me, therefore every Haman in form of systems/policies/structures that shall arise as a hinderance to the fulfillment of my prophecy, be uprooted by Fire!!! (Esther 2-7)

I am blessed; Empowered to Prosper! Powers that reduce and localize men, that stop men on the way or attack at the peak of their territorial breakthrough, not my life/career/business/ministry! I command, disappear by fire! (Genesis 1:28)

I am here in __(insert your city)__ but my mandate is Global! Angels with my trumpet of announcement, where are you? Arise, Blow, announce my name across Cities/Nations – Where it matters, When it matters, I must be remembered! – Fire! (Acts 1:8)

O EARTH, the same way you helped the woman in Revelations 12:6, wherever I step into, Help my destiny, Deliver your best! Dragons, Old serpents that shall arise against my prophecy fulfillment, swallow by Fire! (Revelations 12)

2023, I HAVE THE KEYS!!! Into cities and nations, I arise and takeover, I arise and dominate, I arise to rule and to reign! I Sit on my throne, I wear my crown! I am that man/woman Helped by God, What God cannot do does not exist! (Revelation 3:7-8)

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NSPPD 21 Days Fasting and Prayers 2023 | Streams of Joy Fasting Day 13

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