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Mornings With God Devotional 3 November 2022

Mornings With God Devotional 3 November 2022
Mornings With God Devotional 3 November 2022

Read Mornings With God Devotional 3rd November 2022 | Thursday Message

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Scripture: Neglect not the gift that is in thee. – 1 Tim 4:14

Mornings with God Devotional 3rd November 2022 Message

We should make the best possible use of our gifts and talents. Timothy was exhorted not to neglect the gift that was in him, referring to his ordination to the ministry. When a man is thus set apart his holy office is a gift. Then there are gifts which are part of one’s natural endowment or come through education and experience. Whatever gifts of any kind we possess, we should use, not neglecting them.

In another place Paul exhorts Timothy to stir up the gift of God that was in him. The words suggest a fire banked up, not burning brightly, needing to be stirred up. Timothy was not living at his best, was not making the most of his life.

There are many Christian people who are good, but not nearly so good as they might be. They are useful, doing good service, but they are capable of doing a great deal more. The fires of their love, their earnestness, their enthusiasm, need stirring up. No gift or capacity of ours should be neglected or buried.

Mornings with God Devotional content taken from Morning Thoughts by J.R. Miller.

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