Joel Osteen Daily Devotional 6th June 2022 | Sent with a Purpose


Joel Osteen Daily Devotional 6th June 2022
Joel Osteen Daily Devotional 6th June 2022 Message for Monday|| Today’s Word with Joel & Victoria Osteen.

Joel Osteen Daily 6th June 2022 Devotional Message for Today

TOPIC: Sent with a Purpose

John 20:21, NIV – Again Jesus said, “Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.”

Joel Osteen Daily Devotional 6th June 2022 MESSAGE

In the Scripture, God brought Joseph through many years of difficult circumstances into a strategic position of influence in Egypt, so the Israelites would be able to survive a severe famine. Some of the hard things we go through and don’t understand are the result of God positioning us to carry out His purpose. In the difficult times, you have to trust Him, knowing that He’s ordering your steps.

Like Joseph, God is going to send you into strategic positions of service, influence, and leadership. We’re not called to run away from the world system; we’re called to infiltrate the system. God is raising up more Josephs to run media networks, to serve in the government, to find cures for diseases, and to lead in universities, business, real estate, and technology. Your Father’s world is a big world. He’s going to position you higher than you dreamed. It’s because He can trust you. He knows you’ll honor Him. You’ll handle the success with humility, live with integrity, and be a person of excellence.

Father, thank You that this big world I live in is Your world. Thank You for calling me and sending me with a purpose to infiltrate this world and not to run away from it. I am trusting You to order my steps and to help me make a difference in this world. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

Joel Osteen Daily Devotional 6th June 2022 Message for Monday | Today’s Word . Joel Scott Osteen is an American pastor, televangelist, and author, based in Houston, Texas. Osteen has been called the “most popular preacher on the planet” and is often listed as one of the most influential religious leaders in the world. Joel Osteen Daily Devotional 6th June 2022

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