GoodNews Daily Devotional 17th November 2021 | Monitor Your Miracle

GoodNews Daily Devotional 17th November 2021GoodNews Daily Devotional 17th November 2021 Message By Uebert and Bebe Angel

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TOPIC: Monitor Your Miracle

TODAY’S SCRIPTURE: Luke 17:14-16 – And it came to pass, that, as they went, they were cleansed. And one of them, when he saw that he was healed, turned back, and with a loud voice glorified God, and fell down on his face at his feet, giving him thanks.

MESSAGE: We have seen countless miracles take place during our services. People have received notifications of miracle money being deposited in their bank accounts, credits being added to phone lines, money appearing in people’s pockets, and credit scores increasing.

The miracles that happen are undeniable and are usually responded to with tears of joy or shouts of praise unto the Lord. But those people would not be aware of the miracle
that took place if they had not checked their pockets, purses, or wallets or checked their credit scores.

The same is true when healings take place. The receiver will be instructed to do something they could not do before. There was one particular woman who received a tremendous healing miracle. Her stomach was distended as if she were pregnant. When healing was ministered to her, she did not even realize that a miracle had taken place. Someone had to point out to her that her stomach was now flat.

What is true of miracle money, miracle credit scores, and healing, is true of anything that you have focused your faith to receive. You must monitor your miracle.

The ten lepers in our scripture for today all received a miracle, but we are told that only one of them “saw that he was healed.” It did not say he felt or heard anything spectacular. He was simply paying attention to what might be happening in his body – looking for a change – and he saw it. Do not miss the manifestation of your miracle because you are waiting for the spectacular to take place.

As soon as you receive the Word concerning your issue, start looking for any signs that something is taking place. Even if the initial signs seem to go against the result you are expecting, start giving God the glory, thanking Him for the miracle that has taken place, and you will surely come back with a testimony.

Things are changing in my life right now. I am making the Word of God come to fruition, and I decree and declare life to every dead situation.

Luke 17:11-19

GoodNews Daily Devotional By Uebert and Bebe Angel 17th November 2021. With years of full time ministry between them, Uebert and BeBe Angel are Pioneering & Leading voices in proclaiming the GOOD NEWS of God’s grace (Euagellion) with a prophetic edge that has made them to be coined the leading forces of both the Good News movement and the modern day Prophetic Movement.