Anglican Daily Fountain Devotional 21 April 2022 – Open To Me

Daily Fountain Devotional 21 April 2022
Anglican Daily Fountain Devotional 21 April 2022 Message for Thursday 

Daily Fountain Devotional 21 April 2022 for Anglican Communion

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TOPIC: Open To Me

TEXT: Songs of Solomon 5: 2-6:3(NKJV)

Daily Fountain Devotional 21 April 2022 MESSAGE

In our text today, we see the lover of the woman we have been reading about come calling on her to open for him to come in. However, she was already undressed and could not open for her lover who was drenched in the dew of the night. When she decided to open, her lover is already gone and her search for him is not without untoward experience.

This is typical of our relationship with Jesus. He longs to come in to dine and fellowship with us. However, He does not impose Himself on us, rather He stands at the door and knocks: If anyone opens…. However, most times, we do not want Him to come and see our nakedness. We would rather continue to ‘cover up’ instead of allowing Him come and see us ‘undressed.’

This is far from what it ought to be; it is when our lives are bare before Him that He can help our weaknesses. There is never a life that opens up to Him that does not receive help. We must be careful so that it should not be said of us that when we finally open to Him, He would have been long gone!

PRAYER: Father, help me never again to cover up before Him who has the ability to help my weaknesses, but to always open up to Him.

Daily Fountain Quote of the Day

God says: I do not show favoritism in My family. Ephesians 6:9

Anglican Daily Fountain Devotional 21 April 2022 Message. The Church of Nigeria is the Anglican church in Nigeria. It is the second-largest province in the Anglican Communion, as measured by baptized membership, after the Church of England

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