Daily Devotional For Today 9 September 2022 : Inspirational Message and Prayer


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Daily Devotional For Today 9 September 2022: Inspirational Message and Prayer

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Topic: Hypocrites

Scripture: Luke 6:9-11

Oh, how we love to judge! I guess it’s a common human failing. We are not much different from the Pharisees. They loved to judge Jesus and when they did something that they felt was against their interpretation of the law, they found him guilty. This led to a destructive envy because he was so well accepted among the people.

Why is it that when someone has gotten to the top in their field, we look for them to fail, to “fall from grace” so to speak? Is there a little bit of jealousy in all of us? Probably! Seems like Satan like to get under our skin even if we don’t think of ourselves as vulnerable. Maybe that’s how he does it. We don’t think we’re susceptible and do we open ourselves to danger.

Do you ever find yourself complaining about the actions of a co-worker that you find unacceptable? How come he or she gets away with that behavior????? Why can’t the boss see that I am doing what I’m supposed to do and he or she isn’t? It’s difficult to be doing the right thing and judging another as less worthy of a paycheck, or even worse, of a raise! In some ways, this is the attitude of the Pharisees.

Jesus is getting all this praise while he is breaking the “law” and they’re the ones doing the right thing. My advice to anyone who finds themselves in this position is to ask themselves, “Who signs the paycheck?” In our case, it’s God. God knows what is in the mind and heart of each one of us and he alone is the judge.

Prayer For Today
Lord, you know our frailties so well. We are quick to judge others, and to fail to see our own faults. Please forgive us and help us to leave the judging to you. Amen.

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