Daily Devotional For Today 20 November 2022 : Inspirational Message And Prayer

Sarah Andrew
Sarah Andrew
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Daily Devotional For Today 20 November 2022
Read Daily Devotional For Today 20 November 2022

Topic: Greed

Scripture: Ecclesiastes 5: 10-12

Have you ever notices how the houses of the wealthy seem to have large fences and strong gates? They are afraid that someone will break in and steal what they have accumulated. They have alarms and sometimes guards that patrol the property and make sure no one gets in that they don’t approve of. Now, I’m not talking about personal safety here! There are places in the world where strong gates are necessary for safety that has nothing to do with wealth.

When you focus on the wrong thing, you miss out on so much. Money is necessary to buy food, pay for housing, hopefully having enough so that you can pay your bills, but it doesn’t hurt if your children need to help pay for their education or the sports they want to play. When I was in college, the ones who had to help pay for their education were much more serious about attending all their classes and studying than those whose parents were footing the bill.

It’s nice to take a vacation, but it’s not nice to have to worry about what you have left at home that might be stolen while you’re away. Some people won’t take a vacation because they’re afraid of missing out on something at work. Spending time with loved ones is more important than another electronic gadget, or the latest model of automobile.

There are those who buy beautiful things and lock them away for fear of theft. Others buy fine jewelry and then have copies made because they’re too afraid to wear it. I prefer a peaceful night’s sleep knowing that my conscience is clear and my priorities are in order.

Prayer For Today
Generous God, you have given us so much for our use. Help us to keep our priorities straight, putting you first. Amen.

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