Daily Devotional For Today 11 September 2022 : Inspirational Message and Prayer


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Daily Devotional For Today 11 September 2022: Inspirational Message and Prayer

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Topic: Behaviors Not Acceptable

Scripture: Colossians 3:3-8

Look at that! All the things that today’s “reality shows” present as not just acceptable, but as desired! What are we to believe? I would suggest we believe God. How do I feel when I am a victim of slander and malice? I can tell you, I’m not happy. I once was fired because of a lie.

Interestingly enough, the person I was told had made the complaint against me, met me later in the supermarket, came up to me and was happy to see me and told me that she had quit too! I had been feeling guilty, thinking that I had offended this nice young woman, only to find out that the whole thing had been a lie. If I didn’t like it when it happened to me, then what would make me think someone would like it if I did it to them?

The reality shows encourage people to lie, cheat, steal, prostitute themselves, anything that will allow them to win. But what do they win? Okay, they win some money and get a few minutes of fame, but is that what life is all about? If we believe that there is no eternal life, that this IS all there is, then maybe for them it is enough.

However, if we hold fast to the teachings of Jesus, then we risk losing everything that is important in exchange for those few dollars and those few minutes of fame. Jesus said we cannot serve both God and mammon. We have to make a choice which one we will serve.

Prayer For Today
Lord, you have given us the path to life and happiness in this world and in the next, help us to choose correctly. Amen.

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