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The Upper Room 13 January 2024 Devotional – Making Time

The Upper Room 13 January 2024 Devotional – Making Time
The Upper Room 13 January 2024 Devotional

The Upper Room 13 January 2024 Devotional, Saturday Message by K. L. McKee (Colorado, USA)

TOPIC: Making Time

Psalm 119:97-104

Anyone who goes too far and does not continue in the teaching about Christ does not have God. Whoever continues in this teaching has both the Father and the Son. – 2 John 1:9 (CEB)

At our mountain cabin, nestled among the quaking aspen, we have a small pond. Every summer a family of ducks with several ducklings nests in the pond’s cattails, and we spend a lot of time watching them from our deck.

One day I watched as the ducklings played. Some of them explored on their own and then rushed to catch up; several scurried ahead, not waiting for their mother; and a few stayed beside the mama, mimicking her every move.

It occurred to me that their actions resembled my walk with God over the years. Many times I would lose focus, letting my Bible study and time with God take second place to more “urgent” matters. Eventually, I would realize my need to focus on God, so I’d hurry to catch up, hoping I hadn’t missed God’s message for me. Other times, I would be trying to get on to the next thing, so I would rush ahead in my studies, not taking the time to meditate on scripture and its meaning. But when I have stayed anchored to God’s side, following God’s leading and studying scripture, I have been rewarded. Whenever I take time to hear God’s voice in God’s word, I find my faith is stronger and more fruitful.

Faithful God, help us to block out distractions and take time to walk with you, anchoring ourselves in your word. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

My faith grows stronger when I make time for God and scripture.

To renew my focus on my faith

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